Product Page Tips On Amazon in 2023
11 Tips To Create An Amazing Amazon Product Page in 2023

11 Tips To Create An Amazing Amazon Product Page in 2023


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Creating a superb product page on Amazon can be the difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity. With millions of products available on the platform, creating a product page that stands out from the competition and captures the attention of potential customers is essential. So, what are those key elements that make a superb product page on Amazon? Here are the 11 things you should focus on the most when creating an amazing Product page on Amazon in 2023.


The title is the first thing potential customers will see when they search for a product on Amazon, so it is essential to make it compelling and informative. Your title should include the product name, key features, and any relevant keywords that customers may use to search for the product.

It’s important to remember that Amazon has specific guidelines for creating titles. The title should not exceed 200 characters and should not contain any promotional language, such as “Best Seller” or “Limited Time Offer.” Additionally, avoiding using all caps or special characters in the title is best.

Product Description

The product description is where you can provide additional information about the product that may not be included in the title. This is an opportunity to highlight the key features and benefits of the product, as well as any specifications or technical details.

When writing your product description, it is important to remember the product’s target audience. Use language and terminology to resonate with your target audience and address their pain points and needs. Use bullet points and short paragraphs to make the description easy to read and scan.


Images are a crucial element of any product page on Amazon. They are the visual representation of the product and can significantly impact the customer’s decision to purchase. Amazon allows up to nine images per product page, so it’s essential to take advantage of this and provide high-quality images that showcase the product from different angles and perspectives.

When creating your product images, use a clean and uncluttered background and ensure good lighting. Additionally, it’s best to use images of at least 1000 pixels in either width or height, as these will display well on desktop and mobile devices.


Reviews are a key element of any product page on Amazon. They provide social proof that the product is high-quality and has satisfied customers. Encourage customers to leave reviews by following up with them after their purchase and providing excellent customer service.

Additionally, respond to any negative reviews in a professional and courteous manner. This can show potential customers that you are committed to providing excellent customer service and are willing to address any issues that may arise.


The price of the product is another critical element of the product page. It should be prominently displayed and competitive with other products in the same category. Additionally, consider offering discounts or promotions to entice customers to purchase.

When setting the price, it’s important to consider the cost of production, shipping, and Amazon fees. It’s also important to monitor competitors’ prices and adjust the price accordingly to remain competitive.

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Keywords are essential for customers to find your product on Amazon. They are the words and phrases that customers use to search for products on the platform. Include relevant keywords in the title, product description, and bullet points to improve the product’s visibility in search results.

Additionally, use Amazon’s search term report to monitor which keywords drive traffic to your product page and adjust your keywords accordingly to improve your product’s visibility.

Bullets and Features

Bullet points are an excellent way to highlight the key features and benefits of the product. Use short statements to provide an overview of the product’s key features and benefits. This can help customers quickly understand whether the product meets their needs.

When creating the bullet points, keep in mind the target audience for the product and use language that will resonate with them. Additionally, prioritize the most critical features and benefits and list them first.

Product Variations

If your product comes in different sizes, colors, or styles, creating separate product variations for each option is essential. This can help customers quickly find the product variation that meets their needs and can improve the overall shopping experience.

When creating product variations, include high-quality images for each option and provide clear and concise descriptions of the differences between each variation.

Shipping and Returns Information

Shipping and return information is important for customers when purchasing on Amazon. Include clear and concise details on shipping times, costs, and return policies or procedures.

Additionally, consider offering free shipping or returns to entice customers to purchase. This can improve the overall customer experience and lead to higher sales.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Enhanced Brand Content is a feature for Amazon Brand Registry program sellers. It allows sellers to create a more visually appealing product page by adding images, videos, and product information.

When creating Enhanced Brand Content, prioritize high-quality images and videos that showcase the product and its features. Additionally, consider adding more detailed product information, such as product specifications, use cases, or customer testimonials.


Creating a superb product page on Amazon requires attention to detail and a commitment to providing an excellent customer experience. By following these tips and best practices, you can improve the visibility and appeal of your product page and increase your chances of making a sale.

Remember to prioritize high-quality images, clear and concise product descriptions, and customer reviews to provide social proof and build trust with potential customers. Additionally, consider offering promotions or free shipping to entice customers to purchase and monitor your pricing and keywords to remain competitive.

By continually monitoring and improving your product page, you can increase sales and build a loyal customer base on Amazon.

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