Meet Magento India 2022
The global virtual eCommerce event— Meet Magento India 2022— is back

The global virtual eCommerce event— Meet Magento India 2022— is back


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Year’s first major Magento event – Meet Magento India 2022, is just around the corner. This online event will be held on 4th February, Friday.

Wagento, one of the leading Magento development agencies is organizing the must-attend event. CedCommerce is a proud gold sponsor of the event, with free registrations. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the biggest Magento event in India and meet our Magento experts.

We are just as excited as you are!

Meet Magento India 2022

Meet Magento is an international conference organized in over 40 countries, including India, and more. Meet Magento India is more than just a virtual conference of like-minded business professionals. It is a meeting of a business community, providing merchants, developers, marketing professionals, and Magento partners alike an opportunity to network, collaborate ideas, and share insight on the latest trends and topics. As the gold sponsor of the 5th annual Meet Magento India 2022, CedCommerce will create a space where technology meets pioneers of innovation.

Meet Magento is a global eCommerce event founded by the Meet Magento Association, a non-profit organization that has empowered eCommerce merchants all over the world. The organization was formed for all types of businesses involved in commerce or distribution and is interested in learning how Magento and its ecosystem can help them scale their business. Furthermore, Meet Magento events are held in over twenty-four countries each year. Today, the Meet Magento event is part of the Magento Association’s efforts to strengthen the eCommerce business community.

Why should you attend the virtual Meet Magento India 2022?

  • Global event: Meet Magento is organized in over 40 countries, including the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, and Mexico. Furthermore, Magento experts from various countries attend the event, and you can benefit from their knowledge.
  • Connect with Magento experts: By attending the event, you will have the opportunity to meet Magento masters, contributors, certified developers, trainers, and industry leaders. As a result, connecting with experts shall prove a fantastic learning opportunity. At the event, you can interact with like-minded people and begin collaborative projects. Furthermore, the event is also a great opportunity to find potential partners and clients, helping you scale your business.
  • Get the latest in eCommerce trends: Meet Magento builds professional relations. Additionally, You also get to learn the latest upcoming eCommerce trends when you attend the Meet Magento event. Such invaluable knowledge and sessions help you make the best decision for your business.
  • Familiarize with Magento: The Meet Magento event lets you first-hand experience the newly launched features of Magento. Magento experts talk about Magento PWA, Magento upgrade, payment industry, Magento B2B, community engineering, cloud application management, Magento TDD, scaling and performance, and more.

At CedCommerce, we are looking forward to having a great experience at the event. We hope meeting other industry experts from the Magento community will be a great time for us.

We’re still reminiscing about last year’s event

Have a look at all the fun and excitement we had last year!

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CedCommerce is one of the leading global eCommerce solution providers. Furthermore, CedCommerce has been serving merchants all over the world for over a decade. With the success rate of services over 30,000+ clients in 25+ countries, and 50+ partnerships formed, including the world’s largest eCommerce Marketplaces and Platforms. CedCommerce provides exclusive after-sales service and technical support round-the-clock. Join CedCommerce for an experience that is unrivaled in the industry and is completely free. Furthermore, CedCommerce has been an integral part of the Meet Magento event for four consecutive years. Last year, we took a step further in contributing to Meet Magento India by becoming the gold sponsor of the event.

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