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Success Story: How an Online Store For Babies’ & Kids’ Stuff was released?

Success Story: How an Online Store For Babies’ & Kids’ Stuff was released?


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Baby Kids Best Buy online is a well developed and dedicated online store that is making lives easier for many new moms in Thailand. The brilliant idea of selling post maternity items for babies and mothers popped up in Mr Akarach Pramojanaayudhya’s mind in 2006 while conducting Thailand’s First Ever Baby & Kids Product Fair. The motive was to bring all the parenting items in one place so that moms can spend more time with their young ones. And so the frame of the first ever online post-maternity and kids store was taking shape in his mind. Mr Akarach is the Technical Director of Ace-con Digital. Co. Ltd which is the parent company.


success story


With the idea of this dedicated online kids store in mind, Mr Akarach came to us at CedCommerce. And we were happy to serve the purpose with our solution and be a part of such a noble and vivid concept. That’s how we got the chance to tell this great success story.

Let’s see what Mr Akarach thinks about our services.


How did you come up with the idea of your marketplace?


Our parent company, ACE-CON (Thailand) Co.Ltd. is an exhibition organizer. We started Thailand’s first ever baby & kids product fair “Thailand Baby&Kids Best Buy” back in 2006 with the goal to bring all baby & kids product under one roof.
Naturally, as the world evolves toward the digital landscape, we wanted to bring our presence to the e-commerce world, making it easier for our customers to shop for their baby & kids products.


What was the motive to start it?


Our mission is to be the one-stop-shop for all your baby & kids products chucking the hard-work from baby shopping and allowing parents to spend more time with their little one. (i.e. Re-seller research, price comparison research, etc)


What features did you desire in your marketplace? Did you get them and how important it has been for your marketplace?

We are not a fully open marketplace. So the features we want is more “control” over what the vendors can do in our system.
CedCommerce helped us put those control in place.


According to you, what worked for your business?

What really worked for us is customer service. We have 24/7 live support that is always there for the customer because we found that even when customer order online and we put order status, shipping tracking, etc. in the system. Customers still prefer to have human interaction and want to just ask “someone” about there order, not just going through app or website interface.


What were the challenges you faced and how did CedCommerce’s solutions help you resolve them?

The challenge we faced was finding a marketplace system that works the way we want it to. Nothing commercially available in the market fits our needs, including CedCommerce standard offerings but CedCommerce offered customization at a very reasonable price to get us where we needed to be.


Why did you choose to go with Cedcommerce instead of our competitor’s? What sealed the deal for you when you chose to go with CedCommerce?

CedCommerce has a demo which was very accessible. It allowed us to explore the system before committing to anything.
And while we were exploring, any questions we had were responded in a prompt and welcoming manner.  

CedCommerce didn’t “push” hard and allowed us to take our time until we were comfortable to make the decision.

(unlike another company who called me every two days trying to get us to complete the sale which was rather annoying).


For how long have you been using CedCommerce’s products and services?


Since April 2017.


What solutions (if any) did you try before coming to us?


We dabbled with Shopify and BigCommerce.


What material did you read or watch that influenced your decision?


We looked into the company’s background and learned that CedCommerce is backed by Cedcoss which was an established and reputed company. We wanted to work with someone with a proven track record.



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