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Boost Your Amazon Sales: Top International Marketing Tips for Your AMZ-Shopify Listings

Boost Your Amazon Sales: Top International Marketing Tips for Your AMZ-Shopify Listings


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Amazon’s global selling is a multi-billion program to empower businesses with massive expansion internationally. With an expansion to up to almost 20 countries, Amazon does not just offer a platform but also extends amazing tools and services to enable brands and retailers to reach out to potential customers. Well, the more you know what you sell and where you can sell to get the highest sales, the more you need to understand the promotional and international marketing strategies to be visible to your target audience. This blog revolves around the central idea of educating you on How to market your Amazon products internationally, what the main strategies of international marketing are, and how CedCommerce’s Amazon-Shopify integration can help you with an integrated selling experience on Amazon.

But before we start with the main idea, here are some incredible reasons why Amazon Global Selling is a must for businesses today.

Why is Amazon Global Selling important?

Amazon helps sellers and brands to expand their businesses to potential customers globally. This helps sellers generate more revenues by operating on multichannel. Moreover, Amazon’s global selling program offers businesses tremendous opportunities in several ways! Let’s check out.

Exploring Unsaturated Markets

Amazon’s Global Selling program is a great way to explore unsaturated markets. As a matter of fact, top-developed countries are economically mature. Most eCommerce hubs and top brands have already harnessed their best in the developed countries to compete in the already dominated economy isn’t wise. Under Amazon’s Global program, sellers have around 20 countries to expand their businesses and build a customer base in new markets where competition is less and potential is still not harnessed.

Staying Competitive

The program is a way to stay competitive in the market. If you sell something not sold much in your country, you have many more markets where your products can have decent demand. Exploring new markets and generating demands in relevant markets help businesses run and never go out of competition.

Additional Revenue Streams

You may not make sales from the market throughout the year, but what about you have as many as 18+ markets to capitalize on? Business expansion ensures a continuous flow of income from one channel or another.

Amazon is a customer and seller-centric platform that ensures that the sellers have the best of selling experiences. Whether marketing, selling, or shipping, Amazon has the right solution for everything.

Making multichannel business a breeze for you on Amazon, CedCommerce has built a native sales channel app with an advanced automated multi-account feature that helps you manage, operate and streamline multiple accounts on Amazon and get a frictionless selling experience. Try Now!

Now, let’s understand how to build successful international marketing strategies.

What must a business understand about the international audience before entering international markets?

Any business on Amazon must analyze certain aspects of international audiences before planning international marketing strategies. A clear picture of these aspects of international markets will enable retailers to build actionable plans that will undoubtedly attract customers and revenues.

Clarify Your Total Addressable Market

Your Total Addressable Market (TAM) is the actual market that is suitable for your product. While doing your research, make sure to use first-party or third-party data to get website visits, online purchases, Purchasing Power Parity, etc., of the country you want to expand in. This will help you get the actual size of your target market.

Figure out Market Gaps and Needs

The market gap means the areas where businesses are not currently serving. As a smart seller and business owner, you must know which country has what customer gap and how your product can serve its purpose. But to do that, you must understand what the country’s TAM is expecting and demanding. For example, Gen Z all over US and Europe are looking for brands with sustainability as a goal. If you have a business built on the central idea of Sustainability and Environmental preservation, you have an excellent chance to get good sales.

Define Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is image building and unique value that the brand will generate amongst your target audience. Before marketing, you must define your brand positioning to let people know how different you are from your competitors and what your customers can expect from you over other brands dealing in the same market. Also, you need to tailor and update your brand positioning statement based on how customers perceive your products in different countries.

Understanding Cultural Differences

Every shopper has a different set of interests, and this interest gap is even more when they belong to foreign lands. What you sell in the US might not be equally sold in India or Asian countries. For example, US shoppers love to shop for cool, trendy stuff for themselves, whereas selling in south asian countries or India, where family culture is prominent, selling products with traditional and family spirit must generate good sales.

Understanding Competitors

Analyzing your competitor’s business strategies is a real thing! How? Because it helps you get a working strategy that works the international markets on Amazon. It is an opportunity to figure out better actionable insights. However, if you are an early mover in the market, there is every possible chance to get early and better sales.

Once covered with these significant aspects, you are ready to market your products to international shoppers on Amazon. Here are some best ways to market your business and products internationally on Amazon.

What are some best international marketing strategies while selling on Amazon Global?

Marketing the products to the right audience is essential to create awareness, increase market visibility, and reach potential shoppers.

Run Amazon Ads

Amazon has a complete set of marketing services allowing you to run different ads on your Amazon storefront or products. Selling internationally requires more visibility and a thriving presence before customers’ search results, and that’s where Amazon can help you.

Use Amazon’s email services

Amazon provides numerous services for sellers to quickly win and expand their businesses across potential customers. You can deliver high-volume email campaigns through Amazon’s marketing services and reach customers’ inboxes with trusted email authentication. You can use Email marketing to inform your shoppers about new highlights, exclusive coupons, and new product launches.

Use Regional Language

If you have an Amazon storefront, do not forget to use Amazon’s Language Switcher to translate your storefront into the regional language of the country you are selling in. This helps your shoppers to connect with you and fund your products trustworthy for shopping.

Strengthen Social Media Presence

Maintaining an excellent social media presence helps you connect with your shoppers at their convenience. Also, people are free to connect with their favorite brands and express their shopping experiences on social media platforms. The more engagements and reviews you have, the better your sales opportunity, as more engagements mean more trust on social media.

Update the Q/A section of your Product description

Let your customers know everything about your product so they are assured about their purchase decisions.
A good product description involves everything that potential customers would look for. You can also get an idea about how to better optimize your Q/A section by doing some competitive analysis.

Partner with Amazon agencies

many agencies are working in partnership with Amazon and helping sellers to excel in various verticals like review management, ads management, marketing services, content services, and integration services. Be it managing reviews or managing feeds, as sellers, you need to be updated with these crucial aspects as they help you maintain a 5-star and good customer experience on Amazon.

How can CedCommerce help?

Ensuring an automated feed management system while selling in international markets on Amazon is highly crucial. With good feed management software, you can sync and manage all the feeds on one dashboard. CedCommerce’s Shopify-Amazon sales channel app empowers merchants selling in multiple countries on Amazon with unique features. Below are the highlighted ones:

  • Multi-Account Support: Stop navigating between different seller accounts. Control Amazon accounts for each nation from a single hub. You can use the app to manage your accounts’ sales, inventory, and delivery.
  • Order Control: Manage every Amazon order from your store and through FBA. Orders may be fetched, created on your store, and updated with their shipping status on Amazon.
  • Inventory Control: By entering a pre-set value for Inventory levels, the Threshold Inventory option enables you to make your inventory more useful and supports you by keeping you from running out of stock.
  • Product Upload in Bulk: Bulk Upload and Import of Products are easily accomplished using the app’s API architecture. Choose the items you wish to submit to Amazon based on various criteria.
  • Live Listing: Control the Amazon products that are listed. From the app itself, change the attributes and specifics for each product, such as variations, size, colors, etc. You won’t have to move between applications and Amazon Accounts any longer once this functionality is a part of your daily life.
  • Promote your Handmade Goods: Create a catalog of your handmade goods and sell them on in 14 categories, such as accessories, artwork, decor, and more. You may also manage orders and inventory for already-listed handmade goods on Amazon.

Additionally, our Amazon-Shopify Integration comes with a dedicated customer support is working round the clock to help you shift from any technical glitch or issue you face.

Here we come to the end of the blog. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, let us know how these tips help you market your Amazon products internationally.

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