ordered product identifier
Product Identifier To Identify ordered Products

Product Identifier To Identify ordered Products


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This post is to make you aware about a new release of CedCommerce named Ordered Product Identifier.

Ordered Product Identifier is a extension by CedCommerce which facilitates you to provide unique identification numbers to ordered products from admin order detail page so that you can uniquely identify the ordered products .

Main Features of Ordered Product Identifier

There are following amazing features in Ordered Product Identifier:-

  • Provide an extra feature of providing unique identification number to ordered products.
  • Unique identification number is also shown on front-end order detail page when order is completed.
  • It facilitates you to identify ordered products.
  • You can use any combination for generating unique identification number.
  • You can also use barcodes as unique identification number.
  • You can keep unique identification number for product history.
  • You can use it when there is any return request for products.
  • You can use during dealing with damaged products.

How to use Ordered Product Identifier

After successfully installing the plugin you can see an extra feature for entering unique identification number for ordered product on admin order detail page.

ordered product identifier

here you can enter unique identification number for every product in that order.

Displaying unique identification number in front end

When order will be completed then the entered unique identification number is displayed on the front end order detail page.

Ordered product identifier order page


I have tried to clearly explain all the points related to extension by CedCommerce Team. Ordered Product Identifier come up with a solution of identifying the ordered products from your stock.

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    I like the plugin but I have two issues. (1) The Unique ID doesn’t show up on the “Order Details” page, so the customer does not receive their Unique ID as I need. (2) Would it be possible to have a Unique ID added to each item on the order? For example, if I purchase qty 2 of Item 1234, and qty 1 of Item 4321, I end up with only two Unique IDs on the order, despite actually having ordered 3 items total.

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