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How To Handle Pressure From Black Friday Post Sale?

How To Handle Pressure From Black Friday Post Sale?


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Black Friday came and went. Hope everything went as planned. But is it really safe to say that the tough part is over?

Well, being a seller, the actual Challenge begins right now!!!

  • You made the sale & earned benefits – fine!
  • You handled the challenges (like I mentioned earlier) – Great!!
  • You recieved new & unique customers – Marvellous!!!

But how about putting everything back to shape? How to get your weeklong tired staff to resume with new challenges? How about delivering previous orders and refilling your desolated inventory? And the biggest question, How about retaining those new customers you made on Black Friday and making them permanent?

There are a lot of questions & a lot of challenges, But I believe it would be wise to go over one by one.

Black Friday Post Sale

Challenges A Seller Faces After Black Friday Post Sales:

Your Staff Needs A Break:

First things First!!

Your staff has been with you for the whole time. They have dedicated their holiday time towards your work. Now even coffee won’t keep them from crashing on the bed. Bonding with your staff after a holiday session could prove to be a struggle.

My advice would be, take some time to appreciate them in public. Tell them that they are a crucial part of this organization. Make them realize how they have and will create a difference in this organization.

Tiered staff after festive season

This boost of motivation will serve as an adrenalin rush amongst your staff and will keep your organization running like a well-oiled machine.

Your staff staying with you at this time will prevent you from getting pressurized from Black Friday post-sale.

Shipping challenges:

A sale could not be termed complete until the customer receives the product successfully with zero difficulties.

Since the magnitude of sales is large, similarly will be the demand for its delivery. Your staff might easily manage customers and their difficulties but for delivery, you will definitely need some extra help. 

These challenges might be unique, but trust me, not at all impossible to get through. Hiring a few extra delivery trucks is never a bad idea especially around Black Friday Season.

Freight Truck Service by Seller

Since you also have to look towards the welfare of your staff, Join hands with a local freight service provider. Discuss your requirements and come up with a perfect plan that will do the rest.

Doing this you have lifted a huge weight off your shoulders. The freight services will take care of your whole Black Friday Delivery. It gives you and your staff a moment to catch a breath and work on a few more pressing issues.

Shipping Methods that all your eCommerce business needs!!

Maintaining The Record & Website:

The sale during such events may hike to such an extent that it becomes very hard to keep track of the whole process.

So, every seller has the responsibility of sitting down and compiling all the influx, credit, debit, etc. This is a very necessary step as it decides whether the campaign was a success or not.

This is a job that requires effort. Since your organization’s fate rests in the hands of this report, you need to be perfect in every perspective. Gathering all the records might turn to be very hectic.

Making monthly sales report frustrated

I would suggest you choose a Collaboration tool like Trello. Here all the staff can put their daily report and you can easily gather all the data in one place.

This will trim down your work and gives you time to easily come to conclusion and focus on the next big things to come.

Putting Your Inventory Back in Shape:

Getting ‘Sold Out’ on Black Friday is a common phenomenon. It’s a good thing as we have worked for it, but to some point, it’s also bad.


The thing is, as a seller we get so much engulfed in making the most out of an event, that we fail to look at the bigger picture. We planned for Black Friday but What Happens Next?

We fail to realize that we have a barren inventory to fill. That’s a task which will require much more effort than usual because you have:

  • An Exhausted Staff.
  • Non-availability of transport medium.

inventory management

Now it becomes your responsibility to come up with a plan that fills the void in your inventory so you might be back in action again.

Work on Customer Retention:

Black Friday is the time of the year when you attract unique customers towards your brand. But you work here is only half done.

In order to finish what you started, you need to lure those customers and make them permanent.

You need to think a little out of the box. Something Unique!! Something Attractive!! You have to create the best first impression on them.

Let me suggest you an example – adding a complimentary gift like a key ring, a wall hanging along with the product. Make sure that your complimentary gift clearly states your brand name and logo.

You can also go for customer allurement techniques. It is pretty simple.

When you bill the customer, ask for their mobile phone number or email address. Wait for a few days, and then send a well structured ‘Thank You Note’ expressing your value for them. This is to increase the affection of customers towards you.

gift discount card black friday

Along with the mail, send a ‘gift card‘ or a ‘discount card’ that avails discount on their future shopping.

Now you don’t have to worry that much about customer retention because you have opened the gateway between you and your Customers.


To conclude, let’s all switch to a smart way of dealing with pressure from the Black Friday Sale. Just ensure to:

  • Appreciate Your Staff
  • Complete Your Previous Festive Deliveries
  • Maintain A Record & Compile It Into A Report
  • Put Your Inventory Back In Shape
  • Work On Customer Retention

This festive season, a seller also deserves to be equally happy as a customer.

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