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Tips to Grow Your DropShipping Business on BigCommerce

Tips to Grow Your DropShipping Business on BigCommerce


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BigCommerce is self-hosted e-commerce store builder and among the fastest growing dropshipping suppliers. In order to boost the rate of sales , an online merchant can leverage BigCommerce to custom design their store with user-friendly templates. Dropshipping business profits have always attracted drospshippers to go for it. You too can earn it with BigCommerce dropshipping tips.


How Does Dropshipping on BigCommerce Happen?

It is quite simple and straightforward. An advantage of BigCommerce dropshipping is, huge amount of customer’s precious time is saved as BigCommerce handles every aspect of customer data. It includes product information, shipping address, and customer name. BigCommerce Dropshippingg


Benefits with BigCommerce Dropshipping

1. It allows customers to upload files while purchasing the product.
2. Never charge any transaction fee in any form directly and indirectly.
3. Collaboration with Email marketing services (iContact, Constant Contact) is helpful for the customer.


Strategic Planning for Setting up an online store for BigCommerce Dropshipping


Planning is the Key for Long term Success

BigCommerce Dropshipping


The Competition online is obviously high enough that proper and productive planning for setting up an e-commerce store is very much required for earning dropshipping business profits. Here are few amazing BigCommerce dropshipping tips.


 Be Confident about Your Niche

The first step is to correctly choose the niche of your products. The more idea and insights you have about the niche, the easier it is to have more sales.


  • Don’t experiment with an alien niche rather stick to one that interests you more over others.
  • While finalizing the niche, check for the sufficient number of products on the marketplace.
  • Check the feasibility to promote them on social media and via paid advertising.


The Domain Name

Always try to go after the top level (.com) domain name. It naturally implies that your business is relevant and reputed. The reason being mostly, the .com is chosen by big enterprises.


  • In case you miss the .com domain name then, .co is a good alternative.
  • Avoid .org domain name, it suits the organization involved in charity and NGOs.
  • Apart from .com and .co, other domain names will not give any edge over your competitor.
  • .edu is not good for the dropshipping website. Above all, it is mostly associated with educational institutes.


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     Website Automation

    The best way to boost selling via drop shipping is with the help of  with the help of integration apps to automate timportant tasks. As a result, the tasks like sending e-mail to your prospects, automate social media posting, inventory management and more will simplify dropshipping.


     Epacket is Efficient

    You have to ship overseas, well this is a time intensive process. Hence, the customer won’t be very much pleased with it. However, the Epacket will boost the speed of  product shipping to a significantly faster rate.


    Get Product Delivered in Days. Because Customer Don’t Wait for Months  !!


     The Landing Page

    BigCommerce Seller Tips

    Keep it Clean, Minimal, Responsive, and Classy


    The sole purpose of the Landing Page is to act as Call to Action button and extract contact information of the user. Hence, landing page should make clear as to what you are selling and should provide info to ease the buying process.



    Best Practices for BigCommerce DropShipping

    Catchy Headline

    One among the first things that are obvious to be noticed is the headline. Hence, you won’t want a jargon to ruin the impression.


    Keep it Crisp. Therefore, Keep it a perfect mix of Power, Emotional and Urgency Words


    Headline highlighting the importance of the product in a manner that reflects what is there for the user. After all, the more user finds the headline relevant to his pain points the more he will give importance to it.


    An ideal headline should be able to answer questions which can’t be skipped at any cost. Therefore, this is among the utmost important element of dropshipping landing page.

    • Is there sufficient information?
    • Why trust this site over others?
    • Will the website serve my purpose?


    Moreover, image is equally important rather it has a significant role in raising the readability of the headline.


    Multiple Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons


    CTA – Increase the Ease to Take Action


    The more CTA options the better you serve your marketing message and chances of conversion are maximum. Hence, it should hold greater visibility in comparison to the rest of the elements on the landing page.


    The color of CTA button and its background should be chosen to reflect rich contrast. Above all, this eye pleasing effect is among the most convincing ways to please and compel users for the action.


    BigCommerce Dropshipping

     Impressive CTA buttons placed perfectly to push visitor take the action


    Never Place CTA Button at Below the fold


    Easy Navigation

    The easier your customer can traverse through the website the better are chances for him going to the payment page. Hence, it is must that a BigCommerce store should have main categories on the home page. Moreover, these need to be the same in all pages of the store.


    This mainly includes Men, Women, Kids, Latest, Upcoming Sale and more. Hence, the easier a customer can reach the products, the more are the chances for sales. After all, Hassle free navigation is key to every successful dropshipping landing page


    Content needs to be Crisp and Concise

    Content needs to be simple enough such that it simplifies the purpose of the website visitor. Moreover, Simplicity Simply Sells more!!


    Content Should Be Benefit oriented not Feature-oriented

    BigCommerce Dropshipping


    Image Credit:Timothy Eberly


    Testimonials also turn out to be productive for conversion. Because, Words of appreciation from a customer can’t be replaced. Therefore, always remember to include testimonials on your landing page.


    bigcommerce dropshipping


    Testimonials used as Headline of Landing Page will turn Target Audience into Customer.


    Traffic Identification

    The next important step in BigCommerce dropshipping tips is to recognize the right traffic. Therefore, spend a few minutes going through your website google analytics. Find out what are the top traffic sources in terms of high traffic volume.


    You will get useful data from various channels mainly organic search, paid search, E-mail and more. As the traffic sources are discovered, now find out those campaigns that are majorly resulted in a traffic spike.


    Hence, you can narrow down the category of audience based on various parameters. Hence, making it easy who are really interested in the website.



    How a Great Landing Page Should Exactly Look Like

    BigComemrce Dropshipping

    Image Credit – BigCommerce


    Above page has incorporated all bits of dropshipping landing page tips. As a result, it is perfectly optimized and is very conducive to generate leads.

    The Conclusion
    Bigcommerce dropshipping has some really big opportunities lying ahead. Above all, you can capture the lion’s share once you implement these dropshipping landing page tips.

    Moreover, in order to earn your profit, it is advisable to go for Bigcommerce Integration Apps.  Above all, automation will help you handle and manage the huge amount of traffic with ease and efficiency.

    Incorporating social media sharing buttons will further extend your reach with the customers. Above all, the ease of using social media to reach you will push customer to be with you in case of the slightest of the doubt.


    The Closer Customer Comes to You . The Closer He Goes to a Conversion


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