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Getting all excellence covered at ShopTalk 19!!

Getting all excellence covered at ShopTalk 19!!


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The genre of the foundation of business units is being built because the magic of the brand is related to the magic of the culture. So, this time team ShopTalk took a step towards the past and concluded an “Okay!” towards conventional wisdom by trying to tell us that we’re in an apocalypse.


We all know that consumer shopping exists across multiple measures of channels, which are influencing each other but their facts. That’s the core inclined towards the continuous upliftment of retail-in-store which our eyes could justify in the present age.



Shoptalk 19: Impressions at a Glance


Learning is at the heart of Shoptalk 19. Speakers congregated in Venetian, Las Vegas for the conference held from (3-6 March 2019). The assembly wasn’t just based on their seniority and expertise, but also on their ability to teach the audience about the evolution of retail. Shoptalk speakers were at the forefront of change.


They developed new retail experiences and business models creating products that meet consumers’ shifting demands and bringing to market innovative new technologies and are further partitioned as follows.


The Digital Transformation of Traditional Retailers and Brands


Most traditional retailers and brands have embraced digital transformation initiatives where initiatives range from adding eCommerce capabilities to digitizing supply chains and physical retail locations.


shoptalk 19

Embraced digital transformation initiatives



New Content Marketing Platforms


Retailers and brands increasingly view content marketing as an essential part of their digital strategies. Succeeding in content marketing requires more than simply creating compelling, interesting stories. Retailers and brand marketers in this session shared their experiences with the cutting-edge tactics and solutions that help them maximize the value of their content marketing efforts.


shoptalk 19

Digital strategies





The marketing session featured thought leadership from executives at four cutting-edge technology companies whose AI-based solutions help marketing executives better understand and connect with their customers.


shoptalk 19

Cutting-edge technology



Using Influencers Effectively


Influencers enable marketers to connect with customers by tapping into the personality and style of the influencer. The conference went towards helping executives understand the benefits that can result from an effective influencer strategy, including how to select influencers who are a good fit with a brand’s image.


shoptalk 19

Effective influencer strategy



Customer Data and Brand-Building


Creating great shopping experiences requires science as well as art: Today many brands and retailers have developed complex methods of utilizing customer data to develop and personalize new offerings. Top brand and retail leaders discussed how they’re accumulating, analyzing and developing insights from customer data to create engaging new experiences for shoppers.


shoptalk 19

Utilizing customer data



Next Generation Supply Chains


Advances in technology are allowing retailers to create far more streamlined and efficient supply chains. The audience heard from three brands and retailers as they discussed which supply chain technologies and processes they find to be most effective in reducing time to market and ensuring their supply chains to be ready for future shifts in demand.


shoptalk 19

Efficient supply chains



Next Generation Omni-channel Businesses


Few retailers have developed truly seamless omnichannel experiences as they are still contending with issues such as managing prices, products, and promotions across every consumer touch-point. Retailers discussed their omnichannel journeys and how they’re organizing and developing processes that enable them to excel as they expand their omnichannel offerings.


shoptalk 19

Seamless omnichannel experiences



Using Customer Data to Engage Shoppers: Marketing, Loyalty and More


Brands and retailers can collect customer data from a wide variety of sources and using many different technologies. The workshop joined a catechism around how retailers are integrating customer data to understand shopper behavior more holistically and create meaningful relationships with their customers.


shoptalk 19

Understanding shopper’s behavior



Final Thoughts


This groundbreaking new approach towards standardizing industry education enabled brands and retailers to get a fresh perspective this year on the core issues  They must continue to address and to learn from organizations at the forefront of change.


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