Gear Up For Halloween On Google Shopping In 2021
Gear Up For Halloween On Google Shopping In 2021

Gear Up For Halloween On Google Shopping In 2021


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Halloween 2021 is nigh. It’s that time of the year when sellers gear up for a massive selling spree alongside the celebrations. One of the best ways to enjoy your selling spree is to stick to a platform that allows you to sell effectively. And this is where Google Shopping comes into the picture. Your Halloween on Google Shopping in 2021 can turn out to be fruitful if you’re mindful of the choices you make.

Halloween spending has increased since last year, the average shopping expenditure per person has crossed the $100 threshold. The current projection dictates an increment of $1-$2.74 over the $100 mark. With this increment in the buying prowess, sellers can actually boost their sales effectively. All they have to do is analyse the mood of the market and plan their actions accordingly. If you’re struggling to get a grip on the situation at hand, fret not for these tips shall help you out:

Rectify the current status of your sales campaign

It is okay to rectify the things you’ve missed out on. However, it is imperative that you upgrade your strategy for Halloween on Google Shopping in 2021. Google Shopping’s greatest strength has returned once again, you can now list your products for free. This will not only allow you to focus on the products that you wish to sell, but also on the factors that determine your product’s visibility. You can work on your paid ad campaign in tandem with the listing process for better results.

However, this alone will not guarantee your projected boost in sales. You have to take care of the missteps that have happened before. Here’s how you can clear the clutter to make your Google Shopping selling spree even more efficient:

Stop focusing on the products that have bad ROI

It might come as a surprise but there are a number of products that might be experiencing flawless click through rates, but they don’t get sold. Removing such products not only increases the space you need, but also helps you in redirecting the attention that is required on the right products. There might be a number of products on your “things to sell for Halloween” list, but you should be mindful of the products that actually help you generate sales.

Customization helps a lot

In your quest for experiencing the best Halloween on Google Shopping in 2021, you should not forget the fact that customization of products helps a lot. Using custom labels for offers, seasons, and especially, the festivals you’re focusing on gives your products an exclusive appeal. Focusing on the Halloween factor only can help you in ways the conventional methods don’t.

Create promotions

Your ad campaign might be in full swing, but you can actually improve upon the current strategy by deploying promotions that enhance the ad campaign. By creating promotions for the ad campaigns, you can experience an increase in traffic, leading to more conversions.

Optimize your keywords

Keyword usage is crucial for your Halloween campaign. Use less keywords and you might not be visible on the e-commerce spectrum, use too many and you might end up in a messy situation where ranking might become a difficult ordeal. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to maintain a balance between the usage of keywords. Optimize your product attributes in the title itself. Using attributes such as the color, size, brand, etc. coupled with the right keywords will definitely help you gain the heat you need for your store.

Now, give your store a facelift for Halloween

Halloween on Google Shopping in 2021 is a promising endeavor. While the aforementioned points are crucial for your sales via Google Shopping, it is also imperative that you give your store the proper facelift for Halloween. Here’s what you need to know in order to boost your sales this season:

Utilize the festival’s spirit in your themes

Halloween’s theme is quite unique to begin with. With pumpkins, goblins, bats and vampires registering their spooky presence, you can definitely ask for their assistance. There are a gazillion themes on the internet to choose from. Also, if you have a creative head among your team, they can be of great help as well. Halloween sales have a lot to do with the presentation of your store. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to set up a presentation that not only enhances the beauty of your store but promises conversions as well.

Discounts are everyone’s weakness

Festive season brings forth a psyche that sellers are well aware of. Customers love discounts and offers that tone down the base price to their liking. Close to 40% of customers buy everything they need right before Halloween hits the town.

Pay attention to the statistics

History can teach you a lot of things. Looking back at the past years’ statistics on Halloween sales, you can get an idea on the moves you have to make. Close to $10.1 billion is expected to be spent on Halloween alone in 2021, this is way ahead of the $8.0 billion figure of 2020. Moreover, 82% of households are going to enjoy this year’s Halloween.

Optimization is of paramount importance

Above all else, your store’s functionality should be top notch if you’re looking forward to a massive selling spree this Halloween on Google Shopping in 2021. The average loading time is often estimated to be 2 seconds, delay a second beyond that and you might lose a valuable customer base. Also, you should not forget that smartphones account for a lot of online activity these days. Therefore, your store should be optimised for a flawless selling experience with no delays whatsoever. Remember, your store’s optimization is of utmost priority, after all, it’s the only place that’ll commence your sales.

To sum it up

While Covid-19 had us all trapped in our homes, workspaces, brick and mortar stores suffered heavy losses, sellers stood the test of time and came up with ways to bypass the problem. Online sales have skyrocketed massively in the last two years, everything that you can think of is online now. Google Shopping is one such place where you can start your sales journey with ease. It isn’t restrictive to people who haven’t stepped into this domain anymore.

Come to think of it, the question of how to sell on Google Shopping is a thing of the past. It’s high time that you consider such a promising avenue for your Halloween sales. And if you’re already a seller on Google Shopping, you know how to step up your game now. Enjoy the festive season as always, and remember…..

Stay Frosty!

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