CedCommerce X Joom Marketplace Partnership: A 2023 Holiday Season Gift for Merchants
CedCommerce X Joom Marketplace Partnership: A Holiday Season Gift for Merchants

CedCommerce X Joom Marketplace Partnership: A Holiday Season Gift for Merchants


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The biggest festive season announcement is here! CedCommerce has partnered with the Joom marketplace, one of the fastest-growing international marketplaces. This collaboration presents a great opportunity for merchants like you to break into new regions and sell on Joom across a fresh segment of customers. The CedCommerce X Joom partnership aims to provide merchants with the right set of opportunities by making the best use of eCommerce development trends. As you aspire to grow your online sales, especially during the 2023 holiday season surge, and plan your best strategies for Q1 2024, this collaboration can become a key player in your multichannel success journey.

This blog post will help you understand:

  1. The vision of this partnership
  2. About the Joom marketplace and why you should sell on it
  3. How CedCommerce integration solutions can help enhance your selling operations to their fullest potential

CedCommerce Joom Partnership – The Easter Egg For Your Business

Since each holiday season cycle comes with daunting challenges and a hidden set of opportunities. It is important to realize that each cycle is dependent on the major developments in the eCommerce ecosystem.

Furthermore, recent industry trends like social commerce, a phenomenon where the entire buying journey is completed within a social media platform are rapidly changing the user’s shopping experience. And the development of AI tools like Promoted.ai is contributing to the changes in how consumers interact with products.
This transforms the eCommerce ecosystem to make shopping for goods smart and easy for customers.

We have already seen how the 2023 Holiday season is blooming! As noted by Deloitte when they estimated the average holiday expenditure could go around $1,652 in its holiday retail survey.

To help you get the best out of this holiday season surge and beyond, CedCommerce and Joom have teamed up to effectively utilize the new developments and trends in the industry for your online business.

The Vision Of CedCommerce X Joom Partnership

As a cross-border marketplace, Joom is packed with unique features that make the buying experience of users interactive and easy. With a 400 million+ customer base, it features the latest social shopping trends like live stream shopping.

Joom stands out from the other marketplaces due to its wide social network and interactive user experience. It has partnered with 200+ social media influencers with millions of followers to promote products and brands. Such streams and influencer programs can help your product sales grow like never before!

Apart from this, Joom also gives you:

CedCommerce X Joom

Joom’s mission is to provide a selling platform with unique benefits to businesses of all sizes. And CedCommerce’s motto also aligns well with Joom’s vision. This is why the partnership was established – to provide the right set of tools and opportunities to merchants like you!

What Does CedCommerce Offer?

To succeed in this rapid transformation of the eCommerce world, merchants need to make effective decisions to learn, adapt, and grow with the industry trends. CedCommerce’s practice in the industry with 11 years of experience can help you grow your business and boost revenue by:

  1. Growth with automation: Manage your online store and Joom storefront functions easily with smart economical solutions from CedCommerce.
  2. Easy onboarding process: Start selling quickly on the Joom marketplace with our integration tools. Also, get marketplace approval with CedCommerce’s referral.
  3. 24/7 support: Make your selling journey on Joom a success by overcoming challenges with our 24/7 year-round customer support.
  4. Expert guidance: Take your business to the next level with CedCommerce’s expert guidance on business strategies & more.

“In this digital landscape, everyone dreams of becoming an eCommerce giant. But with the ever-changing trends and new developments, many merchants struggle to keep up. CedCommerce and Joom have come together to keep such dreams alive! Empowering eCommerce businesses of all sizes with the right set of tools to compete on that high-level playing field that businesses aspire to, is our vision.
At CedCommerce, we aim to become more than just eCommerce solution experts. Opening new domains of opportunities and becoming a reliable ally for businesses in their selling journey is our mission. With this partnership, we have achieved one more milestone.”
– said Abhishek Jaiswal, CEO.

This festive season, explore economical integration solutions by CedCommerce and grow your sales on the Joom marketplace. With automated data syncing, efficient management tools, and best listing recommendations, surpass the holiday surge and achieve unparalleled success. Stay tuned for further updates, enhancements, and success stories from our valued merchants.

To learn more about the CedCommerce Joom Integration and get started, visit here.

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