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CedCommerce, a Google Ads Specialist, helped Shiro & Malou witness a 175%  increase in ROAS and a 160% increase in Conversion rate- A Case Study

CedCommerce, a Google Ads Specialist, helped Shiro & Malou witness a 175% increase in ROAS and a 160% increase in Conversion rate- A Case Study


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Loyalty and selfless love are the first two characteristics when discussing dogs. Moreover, these beautiful love-filled angels are sent into our lives to teach us empathy, compassion, and selflessness. Today, we’ll cherish the journey of Shiro & Malou’s online dog store, which gained success with the help of a Google Ads Specialist, CedCommerce.

In addition to this, Shiro & Malou‘s is now a favorite name among the dog lovers community because of our Google Ads Service.

The Pawsome story of Shiro & Malou

Google Ads Specialist

Have you ever wondered why most emotionally broken souls find comfort with dogs? Well, that’s because of their warmth, undying love, and loyalty towards their owner. However, not everyone deserves to be a dog parent. It takes much patience, care, and compassion to be a dog parent.

Dogs are just like human babies who are highly sensitive and need much attention and care in their younger days. Today, being a dog parent is a highly responsible piece of work.

Moreover, you are required to be attentive, caring, and sensitive to the needs of your dogs. These pawsome souls need your warmth and attention as they are susceptible during their younger days.

Shiro & Malou came up with an innovative and dog-centric online store. This store offers mainly all essential utilities for your fur baby.

This store offers a wide range of dogs beds, blankets, dog food, dog toys, dog walks, and dog bowls. In other words, these products are made in high-quality material and are dog-friendly.

This store is one of its kind and catered to mostly all dog parent needs. The products are beautifully crafted and designed, keeping safety features in mind.

Therefore, all the products are easy to use and are available in multiple sizes and colors.

Is a journey without any challenge, really a journey.

Shiro & Malou’s online dog store is a dream for every dog parent. They plunged into the online world with their knowledge and the will to make each dog’s life a bit easy and safe with their top-quality products.

Moreover, during their initial years of hits and trials, they faced a couple of challenges while paving their way into the digital world. After facing a few losses, Shiro & Malou realized that a Google Ads Specialist was the need of the hour. They needed professionals who can come up with better brand campaigns and strategies which can help them boost their business and also boost their revenue.

CedCommerece, a Google Ads Specialist is known for its professionalism and nice solution to all major digital marketing problems.

The Bummers in the road to success of Shiro & Malou were-

Low conversion rates


The Google Ad Campaign wasn’t structured

What was Shiro & Malou Looking for?

Increase in Organic traffic

Growth in Revenue

Boost in Sales

Hike in Conversion rate

Increase in Brand Awareness

A successful story of a Google Ads Specialist -Read to know more

Google Ads Specialist

CedCommerce understands the digital arena like the back of the hand. It is known for its niche solution providing all digital marketing issues.

Today, any small to medium to large scale business that needs to grow and gain profit needs the push of digital marketing services.

Shiro & Malou was no different. In addition to it, our primary goal was to make their presence felt in the digital market.

We initiated by creating strong, innovative, and highly competitive Google Ads campaigns in the digital space.

Moreover, CedCommerce- a Google Ads Specialist created a brand search campaign for three primary locations- Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

The search campaign was primarily made targeting all the product categories, ensuring that all products had a good reach.

Results worth a shoutout with an impressive Google Ads Specialist- CedCommerce

Shiro & Malou’s road to success wasn’t easy, but with an effective Google Ads Service by CedCommerce, they saw their dream come true.

In addition to it, CedCommerce, a Google Ads Specialist is the key driving force behind Shiro & Malou’s success story.

Let’s learn more about their achievements-

175 % increase in the ROAS 160% increase in the conversion rate $331k+ increase in revenue 27% increase in traffic

About CedCommerce

CedCommerce’s results-driven approach and skillful mindset help its clients live their dream goals. With more than a decade of experience, CedCommerce swears by its motto to satisfy its clients by offering them the best industrial digital marketing solutions.

Established in 2010, CedCommerce is providing eCommerce solutions, both native and SAAS based. It has over 40+ marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, OnBuy, eBay, Etsy, Shopee, et al. and helps merchants to sell and promote their products across online marketplaces.

CedCommerce also provides digital marketing solutions to the small as well as big businesses listed on these marketplaces to expand their reach over different online channels. Global giants like Google Shopping Actions, Facebook Marketplace, Fruugo, Walmart, CDiscount, entrust CedCommerce with its partnership.

We are continuously growing and developing to bring more innovation and ease for users in the Global ecommerce processes.

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