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Ajaxify Filters In Your WooCommerce Shop

Ajaxify Filters In Your WooCommerce Shop


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CedCommerce new release in WooCommerce extensions, and this time its Ajaxify Filters.

Yes as the name defines it all, this extension is going to filter out your desired product in no time.

Most of us are familiar with the widgets provided by WooCommerce that help us to short out products depending upon product attributes, prices, etc. So what Ajaxify Filters do is they take the default WooCommerce widgets to filter products to level above. Ajaxify Filters fetch products for the customers using ajax technique and this way saves a lot of time of customer that is wasted in page loading again and again. Customer can use this time to explore shop more.


Why Ajaxify Filters?

Ajaxify Filters powerful WooCommerce extension to filter out products on the fly.
Choose among product-attributes ,price , category, tags or type product name in search-box to display those specific products that suit perfectly your needs.
An extremely helpful WooCommerce extension to help customers find what they really want.
All this is done in  fast and efficient manner that will help your store to improve in quality and usability.


What Features Ajaxify Filters Provides?

  1. Category wise filter
  2. Attribute wise filter
  3. Tag wise filter
  4. Price wise filter
  5. SEO friendly URLs
  6. Avoids headache of page-load and fetch products faster
  7. Provides option for admin to decide how to list attributes on front-end:
    (a) List
    (b) Using color picker setting
    (c) Checkbox
    (d) Using Label writing setting
  8. Provide widget to show active filters applied so that user can remove them easily.
  9. Provide Product Search widget to search product using ajax.


Ajaxify Filters extension provides you widgets which works as a replacement to default WooCommerce-widgets and lets you catch your products on-the-fly without page load.
This extension provides user-friendly as well as SEO-friendly URLs and fetch products for you according to filters chosen by the user using AJAX technique.

Now change the way to search products and provide the customers of your shop a lighting fast experience to search out products for them, faster than ever.
Thanks for being with me throughout this article. I hope you found this article useful. Please do comment your view about this article and Ajaxify Filters in comment box. If you have any queries you can ask that in comments. Eagerly looking forward for your replies. Cheers 🙂

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