Important Note

For Merchants/Sellers willing to align online shops with Full Beauty, you’re required to use a 3rd party integration service/product.

Full beauty is a plus-size marketplace dedicated to women. This niche website is burgeoning and oversee 1 million monthly visitor, an impressive traction for a niche business. And the company welcomes 3rd party sellers too. So, if you’ve what they sell, more orders are waiting!

Cedcommerce provides API Integration extension solution that enables sellers/merchants to connect their online shops with

What is FullBeauty Integration from CedCommerce?

A communication channel which facilitates listing of seller products on Full Beauty. It is established by connecting online store with Full Beauty through APIs provided by it making individual operations of the extension possible.

Sellers using Shopify, Magento1/Magento2, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Volusion, Bigcartel etc. can use Full Beauty integration extension.

What all can be done and managed through FullBeauty Integration By Cedcommerce ?

The multifarious FullBeauty Integration extension encompasses every element that facilitates selling. :

Import products to FullBeauty

Synchronizes Product Inventory and information

Automates the selling

Benefits associated with FullBeauty Integration Extension By CedCommerce

Product listing

All the products are listed in the Integration App.

Bulk Upload

Upload products in Bulk.

Error Notification

Any violation is notified.

Status Notification

Get status of products ready to be sold.

Updates Information

Changes in Product information gets reflected on Full Beauty.

Inventory Update

Changes in inventory is reported and updated.

Manage Orders

Handle Newegg orders from YOUR store.

Automates Orders

One step to ready orders for fulfillment.

Shopping Cart Integrations We Offer

Why CedCommerce FullBeauty Integration?

Ours is an extremely effective, efficient and economical extension. Since Tech support is critically important for the success of this niche, a dedicated account manager works with you who:
remains with you, remains with you all along in the integration process and helps you in uploading products.

You get all the RECURRING updates FREE.