how to rank high on Etsy SEO

The Podcast Series Sell Around the Globe – ETSY is your one-stop audio digest to grasp all the trends and insights about the artsy marketplace, Etsy.

In this episode, the host, Ketan talks about the art of ranking high on the search engine, Etsy listing optimisation, Etsy search and various algorithms that work behind the ranking of your listings.

The correct and accurate implementation of Etsy SEO is the key to unlock the top position on the Etsy search result in the buyer’s query. You can ensure a good Etsy ranking to your product if you pay close attention to your search engine optimization techniques.

Well, let’s not delay and dive straight into the tips and tricks to master the Etsy SEO game in Episode 4 –

“How to Rank on Etsy? [Etsy SEO Hacks 2020]” of Sell Around the Globe- Etsy.

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  • What’s inside?
    • How Etsy Search Works?
    • How to optimize your listing for Etsy Search Listing.?
    • What are the best ways to optimize your listings for more conversions?
    • How to do keywords research for Etsy SEO?
    • How to increase your sales on Etsy Marketplace?
    • How to improve your Etsy Listing Quality Score
    • How to improve your Etsy Market and Customer Score?
  • Summary
    • Sneak Peak to the next Podcast episode

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How to Rank on Etsy?

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