A guide to Facebook Marketplace

The Podcast series, “Connections to Commerce with Social Selling” is an informative series where Juhi, your host for the podcast will take you on a journey covering up each and every aspect of Social Selling which will surely be helping you in setting up your own shops over Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

In this episode, the host, Juhi talks about Facebook Marketplace: a platform to browse, buy, or sell items, giving retailers an opportunity to drive discovery and sales of key products in a place where their consumers are already shopping!

Using this platform, businesses of all kinds can surface their products across the right audience and experience increased brand visibility.
Because Facebook is primarily a social platform, Marketplace lends itself to making personal connections with customers. For this reason, the platform is an ideal space for finding new customers and nurturing relationships with them. Your competition is not only other companies; you’re up against individual users as well.

Let’s dive in deeper to know more such insights about Facebook Marketplace in Episode 1 –

A Guide to Facebook Marketplace: A New Channel For Growing Your Business” of “Connections to Commerce with social selling

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What’s inside?

  • Statistics for Facebook Marketplace
  • Benefits of using Facebook marketplace for your business
    • Increase Awareness And Discoverability
    • Build Trust With Your Audience
    • Track What Sells Best On Facebook
    • Leverage Facebook’s Personalization
    • Test Out New Products
  • Summary
    • Sneak Peak to the next Podcast episode

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