Store Locator [M2]

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Store Locator [M2]

Store Locator Extension, developed by CedCommerce allows the admin to create multiple stores. Its user friendly interface and high search accuracy helps the front-end users to find the desired stores.

Key features :

  • Customer can search the nearest store location.
  • Customer can search any store by country, state, or zip code.
  • Customer can use Google map to search the store location.
  • Admin also gets the facility to locate the created stores on the Google map.
  • Front-end users can search the store range wise.
Compatibility: Magento 2.0, 2.1
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Listing the available stores is no longer a feasible solution. Instead, admin also needs to show the map to help the users to find the nearest store. The Store Locator extension allows the admin to set up unlimited stores as per the requirement, showing address, opening and closing date and time of each store for the convenience of users, so that the users can select the required store.
For instance, Mr. XYZ wants to search the nearest available store. With the Store Locator extension, he can simply enter the location details and the range within which he wants to search for the store.


Admin can create multiple stores as per the need.

Admin can specify the store location description such as address, working hours, telephone, etc.

Customer can search the nearest store location.

Customer can search any store by country, state or zip code.

Admin can verify that the store created by him shows correct location on map.

Customer can use Google map to locate store’s address.

Covered Issues

When a customer searches store by its important details such as store name, opening and closing day, opening and closing time etc, these details are not only listed there but also shows on the marker on Google map

It helps the customer to find the nearest store with respect to his current location.

High search accuracy.

Targeted Audience

All those customers who want to know the nearest store's location.

All those customers who want to locate stores on map.

All those customers who only want to view the contact details of the store.

User guide

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