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It provides the customers to make payment through Square Payment Method and allows the admin to accept payments in his Magento store. Customers paying through Square can make use of their stored card details which they might have used for their previous purchases.

  • Sandbox and Live transaction modes available.

  • Customer can make their future payment with the stored card details.

  • It is completely safe and secure.

Compatibility: Magento 2.0
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Squareup Payment Method by CedCommerce allows the admin to accept payments in his Magento 2 store using Square payment method, one of the leading payment processors. Whenever customer use this payment method their card details would get stored so that they may utilise it for future purchases.

Note: This extension requires that you have an SSL certificate installed on your site to securely process payment information.


Authorise or Capture charge modes as well as both Sandbox & Live transaction modes are available.

Customer's stored card details can be optionally utilised for their future purchases.

All customer details are sent to square up via secure form provided by squareup so this is safe.

User guide

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  • squareup payment method user manual.pdf


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