Vendor Order Addon [M2]
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Vendor Order Addon [M2]

Allow your vendors to manage their orders completely from invoicing to shipment with the ability to generate credit memo as well in case of refund.

Key Features

  • Generate Invoice: of your order and confirm it only after reviewing it.

  • Create Shipment: Ship your orders yourself and manage its delivery by assigning tracking number to it (only possible if Vendor Multi Shipping Addon is installed).

  • Produce Credit Memo: for your orders if a customer wants to refund the order for any reason.

  • Email Notifications: Proper email notifications are sent to the vendors on new order creation or order cancellation.

Compatibility: Magento 2.0
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Easy Invoice Creation

The Invoice creation process becomes easy as the vendors can now generate the invoice of their orders themselves without contacting the admin every time the order is placed.

The vendors can review the orders themselves and can complete the order by generating its invoice if they find the details to be suitable and valid.

Produce Credit Memo

If a customer requests for refund, then in that case the vendor can generate the credit memo for that order. The admin can see the Refund Now button in the Transactions grid using which he can Debit the amount from vendor’s account.

The vendor can add comments to the order like any sort of notes or some information which the vendor wants to attach with that. Comments can be added on any orders not necessarily refunded orders.

Create Shipment

Shipping the product can also be done by the vendors. Vendors can manage the delivery of the products by assigning tracking numbers to the order.

This facility can be achieved only if Vendor Multi Shipping Addon is installed. This addon allows the vendor to use his desired shipping methods (whichever he has purchased and installed). Using this, vendor can give his specific shipping methods to the customers through which he wants to deliver the product.

Email Notifications

Whenever a new order is placed or any order is cancelled then the vendor gets notified by email messages. These emails are sent on behalf of admin to the vendor.

The purpose of sending these emails to the vendor is to keep him updated about his orders as he might not always be logged in to his vendor panel in which case emails would serve his purpose.


CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

This addon will not work without the above given extension.

User guide

These Documents will Explain Everything.....!!

  • CedCommerce Module Installation Guide.pdf

  • Vendor Order Addon User Manual.pdf


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