Vendor DHL Shipping Addon [M2]

Vendor DHL Shipping Addon, by CedCommerce is developed in Magento 2. It allows a vendor to integrate their products delivery with DHL Delivery Method. This addon works with the Vendor Multishipping Addon of MarketPlace on Magento 2 store.

Key features :

  • Administrator can: allow various shipping methods for vendors

  • Vendors can: enable or disable various shipping methods given by the administrator.

  • Origin: can be set by the vendor as his own address because the cost of shipping is calculated on the basis of origin address.

  • Shipping Methods & Rates: appear according to origin & destination address and the customer can choose from the available shipping methods.

Compatibility: Magento 2.0
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Vendor DHL Shipping Addon for Magento 2 is a shipping method addon which allows a vendor to use DHL Delivery Method for delivering his/her methods and hence is applicable only if a Magento 2 store contains CedCommerce MarketPlace Extension and Vendor Multi Shipping Addon before a Vendor DHL Shipping Addon is installed.


Administrator can allow various shipping methods for vendors

Vendors can also set the origin address of delivery.

Module is fully customized for Magento 2 Store.


CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

Vendor Multi Shipping Addon

This addon will not work without the above given extension.

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