Booking Price Rule Addon

  • Booking Price Rule Addon

Booking Price Rule Addon helps admin and vendors to create different pricing rules for a specific date and time. Also, admin and vendors can create special prices for a special occasions.

Key features :

  • Flexible Price creation to utilize the resources to maximum extent.

  • It facilitates creation of Promotional Pricing and Surge Pricing.

  • The addon can be enabled/disabled by the vendors.

Compatibility: Magento 2.1
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The prime objective of this addon is the effective utilization of the resource thence increased sales. Admin and vendors can easily benefit from the dynamic pricing rule creation, they are only required to gain insights into the dynamics of their industry and according they may create the Price Rules.


This addon can be used only with Online Booking and Reservation Marketplace system.

Admin and vendor can create different price rules for a particular date i.e. festive season may cost customers a higher payout and vice versa.

Admin and vendor can also create different price rules for a particular time for hourly booking type product i.e. the particular time of the day prices can be lower than other time.

Also create the price rule for a particular slot for Appointment Booking.

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