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How will you feel when you have the option to purchase the product from your favourite and trustworthy website, even when it is not available on that website?


Well, you must be thinking that how’s that possible? But yes it is. Our purchase order extension provides you the option to let your customer generate the request of the product of his choice.


Purchase order extension empowers the customer to request for the product which he had seen at some other website or store. Also, the customer can negotiate for the price of the requested product.


Need of Purchase Order Extension


Consider the scenario, if the customer notices some products are available at some store, but he/she envisages that the mentioned price is inappropriate and it is unaffordable from the business perspective. With Purchase Order Extension, he simply navigates to your site, generate the buying request with considerable price and quantity. Admin has the power to approve or disapprove the generated request of the relative customer.


Request Generation Through Customer


Front-end users can generate the request for the product by filling the form in which they provide the image of the requested product, a document in which he can append the relative information of the product. They are also required to provide the store URL where actually the product is available so that admin can understand the actual requirements of the customer.


“For The Plan Of Redemption To Be Achieve, A Great Purchase Was Done”
– Sunday Adelaja


Admin Functionalities


Purchase order extension allows admin to send the quotation explaining the customer about the prices at which admin is agreed to provide the product. Admin is liable to approve/disapprove the purchase order request. Customers will get the email as their request will get the approval of the admin.


Flow Of Purchase Order System


As customer generates the order request, the admin will send him the invoice informing him about the price at which admin wants to sell the product. Now, the customer can approve/disapprove the offer accordingly. With the offer accepting by the customer, the admin will be empowered to approve it, then customer will be able to purchase the product.



“Purchasing power is a license to purchase power”
Raoul Vaneigem


Features of Purchase Order System


Customers can place orders for the approved quantity and price.




Customers can Edit/View purchase order quotation from their panel.




Admin can approve/disapprove the purchase order request.





As admin approves the order request, the requested product will be available to the customer at customer panel



Functionalities Of Purchase Order System


  • Easy to manage the customer request and best way to provide a product.
  • Negotiation System for Quantity and Price of Requested Product
  • Email System On Approval of Purchase Order From admin Side
  • Customer also can accept/reject the offer proposed by admin
  • Offline Chat system enabling customers to chat with admin regarding quotation details




On the ending note, Purchase Order system facilitates customer to send the Purchase request of the product of his choice to admin. The extension encompasses a strong email notification system which customers receive after their Purchase Order request is approved by the Admin.



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