Walmart-Shopify Integration (Yearly)

Walmart-Shopify Integration (Yearly)

It connects Shopify stores with to ensure seamless movement of orders from Walmart to your store.


  • Product Listing: Imports the products of your store to list them on Walmart.

  • Synchronizes Inventory: Informs you about the exact inventory left after the sales of products from Walmart and your stores.

  • Product Edit Synchronization: Updates any change in the Product Information on Walmart.

  • Bulk Upload Product: Lets you upload all the product at once.

  • Auto Acknowledgement: Enables you to accept orders from Walmart automatically.

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Compatibility: Shopify Basic, Advance, Shopify Plus


The biggest retailer of the World, Walmart, has great online presence too. And, it has plans to expand its online platform exponentially which includes offering the opportunity to online sellers willing to sell on its platform. Therefore, generate more sales and diversify their selling channels.

And to compliment Walmart in its expansion, CedCommerce offers a comprehensive solution that enables online sellers to add products, edit their information, receive orders, create return and refund among other features from their own store. Just download and Install the app.

  • Matches and updates any change concerning products - The seamless connection between your Store and Walmart ensures any change in the products’ inventory and information are tracked and updated on your store and Walmart respectively.

  • Bulk Products Upload - The integration app lets sellers/merchants upload their products in bulk. Just select the products you want to choose and upload them in one go and get rid of all the hassle.

  • Error Notification - For all the failed products upload, corresponding errors are shown to you. It enables you to directly arrive at the errors, rectify them to upload the products immediately. Again get rids of all the hassles.

  • Publish or Unpublish the products - It enables you to stop particular products to be sold at Walmart. You can Unpublish the products and if the need arises then they can be Published again.

  • Instant Notification - For any change that occurs on the store –change in prices, quantity, product title or product description – you get instant notifications, and for every order placed, an e-mail is sent.

  • Manage Orders - The app auto accepts the orders imports it to your Shopify store. You can then create shipment label or inform Walmart to pick order from you for delivery.

  • Recurring updates - All the updates released by Walmart to ensure rich selling experience are transferred to you through our app, and more importantly, it’s FREE.

  • Products Custom Pricing - To compensate the commission, charged by Walmart, vendors can freely moderate prices (different pricing from Shopify store) on Walmart.

  • 3rd Party Fulfillment - Also, integrate leading 3rd party fulfillment services like Shipworks, Shipwire and Shipstation with our app to ensure seamless shipment experience.

  • Update Information through CSV - Update Edit Product(s) information like price, inventory etc and bulk retire product on through CSV.

USP of CedCommerce Walmart Shopify Integration App

Personal Account Manager

  • Soon after purchase, one of our skilled account managers will be personally aligned to you instantly.

  • Will make you familiar with Walmart operations and processes.

  • Will guide you through Walmart API activation process and help you out to enable Walmart Live API.

  • Will provide assistance with configuration setting, product critical data, product upload process till you successfully complete a live order.

  • In simple words, we will extend our support until you start flying with Walmart.

Our Dedicated Support

  • Quick upgrade release, every time a new update/feature is dispatched by

  • Got queries? support team just a mail away Click Here.

  • Start instant chat by adding our skype id (live:cedcommerce) or (live:support_35785).

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