The meteoric rise of e-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay and Walmart has compelled millions of people to establish their e-commerce business. And, this unprecedented rise is only to grow further as Global retail e commerce sales are expected to be staggering $4 trillion by the year 2020.

However, with the gargantuan opportunity comes a problem – tools to develop an online e-commerce store. And it is that opportunity that has inspired us, at Cedcommerce, to deliver bespoke e-commerce tools and solutions – B2B e-commerce website extensions, B2C e-commerce website extensions, and other related extension.

Developed after meticulous analysis of customers’ general and unique requirements by our robust-code nazi developers abreast of all the latest industry trends and developments, the efficacious e-commerce extensions offer end-to-end control and are extremely cost effective and user friendly to the core.

what is B2B from cedcommerce ?

B2B e-commerce is a solution where one business makes a commercial transaction with another business. While B2C market is growing rapidly, every businessman wants to make his business online to reach more & more customers globally & sell as much as possible. B2B ecommerce is a leader in revenue generation.

The ecommerce giants like Walmart, Alibaba, Amazon and others are growing rapidly and accelerating the trend of B2B. B2B sites are now providing same and even better customer experience than B2C with some amazing features which we see in offline business to business transactions.

CedCommerce doing best in the development of B2C extensions, has now come up with a much better solution i.e. B2B extension with great features. As already a lot of b2b extension providers are available, so we first did a discussion about the b2b requirements of customers & to know whether they are having an online store or offline store. They came up with the features which are really needed for a B2B site.

Features of B2B


Pre Order

The functionality empowers Admin to accept orders – for the products – from buyers which are, even, out of stock. Buyers can lock the orders at prices offered at that time as admin can increase the price of the products later.

Group Buying

This feature makes the platform extremely flexible. Here group of buyers can place an order in bulk so as to enjoy maximum discounts. Thereafter, they can distribute the products among themselves and enjoy bigger savings.

Purchase Order System

Purchase Order System

This is another very innovative feature. This feature enable the admin to accept the orders for product which he hasn’t sold still provided he can fulfill the orders using his multifarious business relations and market outreach.

Buyers can send admin the link of the products being sold on different platforms and negotiate with him the price. This features takes admin & buyers relationship to different level through propagating trust.

Special prices for registered users

The extension also contains the functionality and empowers the admin to offer SPECIAL prices to the registered users of the platform. Since they are registered, they deserve special attention.

Special Prices
Approve as a retailer

Approve as a retailer

Selling on B2B on the platform can only happen for the retailers if and only if the admin approves.

Customer based promotions

Similar to offering special prices to registered users, the platform, also, has a functionality that enables admin to promote the products, events and happenings relating to platforms to the customers individually.

Customer based promotions

Request for Quotation

Admin can get the quotes for the products through “request quotations" functionality. Additionally, this feature facilitates negotiation.

Credit Limit for customers

Admin can decide a certain credit limit for the buyers that purchase from the platform. Within this limit buyers can make purchase without having to pay. Also, credit limit can set different for different clients. This feature works as a great tool for nurturing strong business relationships

Credit Limit
Quick Bulk

Quick Bulk Purchasing

From this platform buyers don’t have to add product one-by-one. Rather they can enter the number of units of products they want to purchase and add them to the cart.

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