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Give your Ecommerce Business a MultiChannel Push!

63% online marketers still consider attracting a dedicated traffic and qualified leads to their e-commerce website the biggest issue

With Multi-Channel selling, find them where they come frequently – the e-commerce marketplaces.

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Ecommerce in UK

“U.K. is the 3rd largest e-commerce market and a leader when it comes to retail e-commerce sales as a share of retail trade. In 2015, the total revenue from e-commerce was Staggering 539 billion GBP. And majority of it came from e-commerce marketplaces. Start offering your products at these marketplaces.”

2000+ Sales Channel apps users, 300,000+ Orders Created, $10+ million GMV sold (all within 9 months)

Benefits of Multi Channel Listing:

The baton is passed to these marketplaces when it comes to tackle the most prevalent e-commerce problems and concerns.

Cart Abandonment:

Now it’s their headache and looking at y-o-y growth of these marketplaces, looks like their cart is awesome.

M-commerece presence:

The established marketplaces have highly optimized mobile apps and their loyal visitors. Fit in your products as well.

Conversion Rate Optimization (A/B testing):

A/B testing is mind and time consuming. Let the experts take care of it while you master it.

Measured Marketing Activities:

Just create a great product listing and save yourself from running ads, no email marketing and cold calling

Nurtured Leads:

No need to educate the customers through buyer journey, all the nurtured leads and nail them

Targeted Customers

Millions of visitors browse through these marketplaces each month, find and connect with your targeted audiences in abundance.