Snapdeal Magento Integration

Snapdeal Magento Integration

Snapdeal Magento Integration is an extremely feasible and excellent extension that readily connects Magento stores to and enables store owners to list all the store products and sell them on

  • Facilitates the store owners to upload Product assortment and data in Bulk to through a single click, when they are ready to upload.
  • Enables store owners to easily map the Magento store categories and attributes to the similar kind of Categories and attributes from marketplace.
  • Product details altered in the Magento store causes the same changes in the corresponding products available on
  • Cron Job Automates the synchronization of products Inventory, Prices, and Order management periodically at the specific interval of date, time, or days.
  • On an Order creation an automated order acknowledgement is sent to the store owners so that they can hit the order without failure.

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Compatibility: Magento 1.7, 1.8, 1.9


Why to choose the Snapdeal Marketplace?

Founded in 2010, Snapdeal is an Indian e-commerce company situated in New Delhi, India. Since 2014, Snapdeal had over 30 million products across 800 Plus diverse categories from over 125,000 regional, national, and international brands and retailers. With millions of customers and 300,000 sellers, Snapdeal is the online store that covers 6,000 towns and cities across the country.

Its vision is to create the most reliable and frictionless commerce ecosystem in India that creates life-changing experiences for customers and sellers. Snapdeal provides the facility of the quick delivery even to the remotest corners of the country, and daily deals with the discounts and offers to make their products available at slashed down prices to our valuable customers. Therefore, it is the preferred choice of thousands of online users.

Why to choose the Snapdeal Magento Integration by CedCommerce?

  1. Snapdeal Magento Integration is an establishment of a real-time channel to feed product critical data directly to through API communication.

  2. It can boost your business and generates the revenue as it interacts with the APIs to connect your Magento store to and thus, you have the opportunity to cover a wide range of customers.

  3. You can very smoothly create Categories and its dependent attributes on the Magento store. Hence, it enables you to establish a mapping of the desired product category on the Magento store for automatic submission of the selected product to the same category on

  4. Real time synchronization of orders, products, pricing, and inventory through establishing the interaction between the APIs and the Magento store.

  5. It synchronizes the product listing between your Magento store and the retailers. Products modified on the Magento store gets modified on

  6. You can avail a facility to manage the orders on the Magento stores without making any significant changes in the operational functionalities.

Excellent Features

Product Data Validation: The extension enables validating the product information in accordance with standard and values.

Profile Based Products Upload: Enables the admin to create a profile based on single category, and then assign the products to the profile to automate the product upload.

Automated Shipment: Admin can automate the shipment process.

Categories Mapping: Follows many-to-one category mapping philosophy. Admin can map many categories of the Magento store to the single category of

Email Notifications: Admin receives the respective notifications on order creation, product rejection, or low stock availability.

Auto Acknowledgement of Order: Admin receives an auto acknowledgement mail for the Orders as soon as they are created.

Bulk Upload: Admin has a flexibility to upload any number of products on using the bulk product upload feature.

Magento Orders Creation: The newly placed orders on are automatically created in the Magento store with all the required details as it is on

Auto Synchronization: Auto synchronization of the product listing, order, inventory, return and refund, and pricing at regular intervals is established between Magento and

How to start selling on Snapdeal?

    Please follow the following steps to start selling on Snapdeal:

  1. Register to become a Snapdeal seller.

  2. Once registered start listing your products and sell across the world.

  3. Pack the order and ship with ease.

  4. Snapdeal's vision is to create India's most reliable and frictionless commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for buyers and sellers.

Quick Checklist to Increase Your Revenue

  1. Extend to cover the consumers from 6,000 towns and cities across India.

  2. Add as many products as you can on Snapdeal so that customers get many varieties and products at one place. Thus, decreasing the chance of customers moving to other sites to get their products.

  3. Ensure that the products are well categorized and displayed in a more presentable way.

  4. Try to provide a good deal with the competitive price to drag more and more customers.

  5. Demonstrate yourself on with special events and Discounts.

Why CedCommerce?

  1. CedCommerce develops well researched and thoroughly tested API Integrations to Suit your specific business requirements.

  2. Provides 24x7 support through emails, chat, video conferencing, and over a call.

  3. Provide custom solutions for your business.

  4. Offers FREE Consultancy Services for all its API integrations and also assists in developing E-Commerce Sites from the scratch through launch.

  5. Provides Real Time Support, Quick Installation, and Best After Sales Services that ensure your online store delivery of best Customer Experience.

  6. Start instant chat by adding our skype id: live:cedcommerce or live:support_35785.

  7. Last but not the least, provides the cheaper API Integration extensions.



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