HubSpot Magento Integration
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HubSpot Magento Integration

Using this extension by CedCommerce, the sellers can not only create the customized content for their customer base but can also sync the comprehensive product and details from their Magento admin panel to HubSpot. Result? you can manage your business well by in-depth details of of products.

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Key features :

  • For complete functionality of the extension please refer the DEMO

  • Line Item Sync – Sync the Order Items of you order to HubSpot as Line Item.

  • Product Sync – Sync your Magento products data with HubSpot.

  • Deal Sync – Get all your Magento orders from your Magento store synced with HubSpot as deal.

  • Customer Sync – Sync all the details of your Magento customers with HubSpot as contact.

  • HubSpot Ecommerce Bridge– All data syncing will be through the new HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge API.

  • Import on Install – Automatically imports old data(customer, product or order) from Magento to HubSpot.

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x

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    HubSpot provides tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, search engine optimization etc for a customized content to attract the end users.

    Companies today spend considerable amount of time on planning their marketing strategies but they quite often miss the inbound marketing factor that can help them reach their target customers using their own 'company created internet content – something that end customers care about the most. That’s where HubSpot takes the reins for all your worries.


RFM Segmentation

Segmentize your customers on the basis of RFM(Recency, Frequency, and Monetary). Determine how recently a customer purchases, how frequent the purchase is, and how much a consumer is spending, and depending on it, focus on those who are most interested in your business.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

HubSpot E-Commerce Integration enables you to send emails to the customers from your HubSpot panel in the case of Abandoned Shopping Cart, to procure the recovery. After a specific time period, communicate with the shoppers through an email to persuade them to take the desired action.

Workflow for Automation

On the basis of RFM segmentation, Field-Field Customer Details, and other information, you can use workflows. We will automatically create ready-to-use workflows like Customer Nurturing workflow, Order Related workflow, ROI Calculation and Order Recency workflow, and so on.

ROI Tracking

You may keep a track on your campaigns easily, track how much revenue your campaigns are generating, what is the ROI(Return on Investment), and what is the conversions rate.

Smart List

On the basis of your customers’ activity and the order activity, you may distinguish your target audiences with our HubSpot E-Commerce Integration.

Custom Contact Fields

You can synchronize the HubSpot contact properties with that of Magento fields which consequently helps you know more about your customers.

Why the HubSpot E-Commerce Integration by CedCommerce?

  1. The HubSpot E-Commerce Integration Extension by CedCommerce is Absolutely Free To Use.

  2. The after-sales services that we provide once you purchase the extension is also Absolutely Free For The First 30 Days.

  3. After the 30 days of use, the charges that you need to pay are:

    • For Community Edition: US$29.00 Per Month

    • For Enterprise Edition: US$49.00 Per Month

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