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Advance Marketplace Extension [M2]
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Advance Marketplace Extension is a custom made Magento 2 marketplace solution to aid you to create B2C marketplace platform with an array of best and most used features in the industry. It comprises built-in extensions, Magento 2 Multi Vendor addons, Shipping methods and Payment modules to develop a website on the likes of Amazon and Ebay.

That’s not all, a magento 2 store owner can avail this vast variety of Marketplace addons to create an online B2C marketplace platform that is tailor made to their requirements.


The admin will also be able to create the vendors in bulk from his panel via CSV.

Key features :

  • Advance order and transaction management

  • Incentive referal and manageable customer wallet

  • Responsive Vendor Panel with RTL support

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Multiple shipping and payment integration

Regular Price: $2,948.00

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Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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Regular Price: $2,948.00

Special Price $1,600.00



CedCommerce Advance Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Package will convert your Magento 2 site into a Multi Vendor Marketplace within your store. CedCommerce Advance Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace is an all-in-one marketplace package with lots of features to extend your introduction to eCommerce world.

Multi vendor marketplace is a great platform to convert your store into full functioning and give rich set of advanced features with minimum cost and and maximum output


Advance Marketplace

The seamless management of vendors enables the marketplace owner to keep the entire process under his control and provides abundant functionalities to the suppliers to sell & handle their products. Advance Magento 2 Multi Vendor Extension also gives you the freedom of using your store the way you want it with as many features as needed with the use of addons. With our Magento 2 marketplace extension, you could have an e-commerce store up and run in a matter of minutes. And not just any store, but one like Amazon and eBay. Such a store will also allow other merchants to list themselves onto your platform. You can also make a commission on every sale vendors make, including payments, shipping, etc with our Marketplace Package.


  • For product creation at vendor side: Vendors can create all 6 type of products Simple Product, Downloadable Product, Virtual Product, Configurable Product, Bundled Product and Grouped Products with Custom Options and enhanced product features like Up-sells, Cross-sells, etc.

  • Order Management for Vendors: Each vendor can manage their own orders, create invoice and credit memo. We also provide the facility to create order according to vendors.

  • Miscellaneous commission rates: Admin can set miscellaneous commission rates for every sale on vendor's products and can set commission rates on the basis of Product type wise and Category wise.

  • Enables multiple shipping methods: Every vendor can select their own shipping methods and amount. The shipping methods enabled by the vendor will be visible to the customer after adding the vendor’s products to cart and proceeding to the shopping cart and checkout pages.

  • Rating of Vendor’s Products: Vendors can manage reviews and ratings on their products. They can also decide which ratings to display on the product when the customer is rating the product.


Rating of Vendors by Customers
Rating of Vendors by Customers:

Customers can rate the vendors for their services at CedCommerce Magento 2 marketplace. They can also see the ratings and reviews of each vendor. Admin will be able to create the vendor's rating items and manage all the reviews.

Multiple sellers for one product
Multiple sellers for one product:

Each vendor can sell existing store products by selecting and modifying them with different quantity and price. A Seller Price comparison bar on the product page is provided to help the customer choose right product with price and vendor rating.

SMS alert for any new event
SMS alert for any new event:

Vendor Twilio SMS Addon [M2] provides the functionality for sending text SMS to the Vendors, Customers and the Admin on their registered numbers. They will also receive the notifications of purchases made, product updates, vendor updates.

Custom vendor attributes
Custom vendor attributes for getting more information:

If store admin wants to get more details from vendor at the time of registration then admin can create custom attributes from admin panel. It may include Pan Card Number, some Legal Information or any other information necessary for the website admin to have.

Membership Facility for Vendor
Membership Facility for Vendor:

Admin can set the membership duration while creating a membership package. Admin can decide the product upload limit via membership packages for a vendor. To get a membership, payment will be accepted via payment method available on the website.

Referral System
Referral System:

On every new sign-up through the referral, both the referrer and the newly registered customer receive a bonus amount. CedCommerce Magento 2 Refer A Friend extension will excite your current customer to invite new customer and get the bonus which will also work as promotion for your shop.

Multi step vendor registration process
Multi step vendor registration process:

A Multi-Step process for vendor registration to provide the proper record of vendors' details to the admin. It upgrades the Vendor Registration process by making it a multi-step registration to let the vendors provide their information step-wise and in a more easier way.

Managing Blogs
Managing Blogs:

Nowadays we can't imagine a website without a blog, it is a powerful tool which helps you to share the discounts, sales, news, etc. or whatever you want to share. It is also an important aspect to make SEO friendly URLs to achieve high search engine ranking.

Messaging system
Messaging system:

Advance Multi vendor Marketplace also allows the vendors to communicate with the admin from their vendor panel about their queries. Vendors can send the messages to the customer or admin from the respective section of their vendor panel and get replies of their messages in their inbox.


Return management:

With our Magento 2 Marketplace Extension, the process of returns or refunds between customer, vendor and administrator over website gets managed. A second chance to the vendors and the administrator can be provided to meet the expectations of any unsatisfied customer from either the admin’s end or the vendor's end. An administrator can himself handle RMA if a vendor fails to do so, and increase sites authentication.

Vendor Deals
Create Deals available for Vendor:

A special functionality to the vendors is given to attract their customers by creating interesting deals for them. Vendors can set and show deal timer and message with deals.

Support System
Mail facility for customer:

The admin can create a ticket for the customer and by allowing the customer to create a ticket for support. Whenever the time limit of any ticket (as set by the admin) gets expired then, the agent will receive a mail reminding him about the ticket.

SLA Agreement
SLA Agreement:

An agreement between the Admin and the Vendor can be created on certain specific conditions like cancellation/completion of orders from the vendor.

Create Multiple pickup stores
Create Multiple pickup stores:

Vendors and admin both can create multiple pickup stores, showing the address and opening time of each store. Then customers can pick up their orders from the stores of their choice.

Reward customers on their purchase:

Customers can earn reward points after registration and successful order completion. The customer can use the reward points as a discount for his future purchases.

Assign Existing Store Products to Vendors
Assign Existing Store Products to Vendors:

Admin can assign the bulk of products to any vendor but one product can only get assigned to one vendor at a time.

Custom product attributes creation
Custom product attributes creation:

A unique attribute set will be provided to the vendor to create and assign attributes for their products from their panel.

Pincode availability check
Pincode availability check:

Customers can check the delivery ability of a product and the availability of cash on delivery payment option for different zip codes, all on the product view page itself.

Pay via Wallet
Pay via Wallet:

Customers can make the payment from their Wallet. They can add money to his wallet and then make payment using Wallet Cash. It also provides admin the functionality to do the Online refund with the help of Wallet System and credit the amount into the customer’s Wallet.

Paypal Adaptive
Split Payment Method:

With Stripe payment methods Vendors can easily get the payment instantly according to the commission rule set by the admin. Merchants can easily manage the transaction between admin commissions and vendors.

Manage and Customize the vendor shop page
Manage and Customize the vendor shop page:

Vendors can change the layout, content, design, etc. from the vendor panel by creating many CMS, Static Blocks with their own content and Layout’s style.

Bulk product upload via CSV
Bulk product upload via CSV:

In case vendors want to import or export the products and their images in bulk then they can do it via CSV file.

Login via social sites
Login via social sites:

Vendors and customers can login using Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Advance Marketplace Extension

Indian customers can refer CedCommerce Indian Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace Package

User guide

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Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • now the admin will be able to create the vendors in bulk from his panel via csv.
  • resolved issue of vendor status through massaction from admin.
  • resolved issue vendor not listing during refund from admin.
  • fixed shop page pager issue.
  • Not visible individually products counts were also showing.
  • while printing package slip order amount was listed instead of vendor order amount.
  • updated email when both invoice and shipment is generated.
  • changes in shipping amount on invoice.
  • website wise membership will be applicable.
  • major bug fixed removed commission applied on tax.
  • adding store-pickup details in invoice.
  • Admin can see all the messages between vendor and customer and reply.
  • Smart search for vendors and customers while compose.
  • Admin can see all the messages related to particular customer by editing customer and same for vendor.
  • Enable/disable email notification , if admin enable to notify receiver then receiver will get notified by email.
  • Thread messaging system.
  • Message notification at customer panel, vendor panel and admin panel.
  • Wysiwyg editor in messaging system.
  • Customers can send message from product page.

Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Fully Compatible with Magento latest 2.3.x and 2.2.x versions.
  • Now admin can add disapproval reason while disapproving and vendor and it's products.
  • Vendors will be get notified for the disapproval reasons in emails.
  • Now Admin can export their vendors records and it's payment records in CSV and XML formats.
  • Admin will get configuration to allow approval for each product update also.
  • Customer Can review Vendor only if they have purchased the vendor's product
  • Admin can decided whether customer can review vendor only if the purchased product
  • Compatible with Magento latest 2.3.x and 2.2.x versions.


  • How can a vendor upload products in bulk ?
  • Can a customer return a product ?
  • Does Marketplace Advance supports Wallet system ?
  • Can a Vendor requests from Admin for his pending amount ?
  • Does an Admin can send a message to multiple addresses at a single time ?
  • Does Multi website is supported by Marketplace Advance package ?
  • Does a payment can be directly received by a Vendor ?
  • What is the benefit of Pincode checker ?
  • Does Multi Vendor marketplace supports Multi language and Multi currencies ?
  • Does Multi vendor marketplace supports RTL theme for Vendor Panel ?
  • Can a vendor create his product ?
  • Can a vendor add his FB and Twitter link ?
  • Does a Vendor is allowed to create custom attribute for his products ?
  • Does a vendor/customer can register using social login ?
  • Can a customer give feedback, review and rate a Vendor ?
  • What are the major events when SMS alerts can be sent ?
  • Does a Vendor is able to sell other vendor’s product ?
  • Is it possible to reduce commission for a specific vendor ?
  • Is it possible to generate separate invoices for a single order having products with different sellers ?
  • Does a customer can transfer the money in his wallet to another customer’s wallet ?
  • Can a cashback amount received expires after a given frame of time ?
  • Does an Admin charge extra fees from Vendor ?
  • Does reward points can be added back to the customer account when customer makes a refund.?
  • Does this package have a Support System for customers?
  • Why Choose CedCommerce?

    Technical Support


    Constant Technical Support and Services

    We provide a pack of profound advisory services, resolving technical queries, and providing constant sales and after-sales expertise solutions over multiple mediums.

    Industrial Expert


    Industrial Expertise

    Our extensions stand up with the Magento standards and are developed by our Magento Certified Experts, who even belong to the contribution team at Magento.

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    One Stop Solution

    We provide Complete eCommerce Marketplace Solutions, Extensions, Integrations, Mobile app development, Importers, Marketing automation, Digital marketing services, Drop shipping and Much more.

    Review and Rating

    Excellent support and flexible tool for marketplace!!

    Excellent support and flexible tool for marketplace!!

    Good and fast response from the Cedcommerce team during my development time. I am using Marketplace Platinum Package and definitely recommend to all. Good job Cedcommerce!

    by Farhad Roslan on 4/5/2019
    Support is perfect

    Support is perfect, nice reactivity. Correct some bug in 24/48h.

    by CLAUDE WOLFER on 1/22/2019
    Anoop Surling
    Nice extension.. and Excellent support.

    Nice extension... almost everything is inside there for a complete marketplace. Support also very good.

    by Anoop Surling on 8/6/2018
    <a href="https://www.facebook.com/eximbox.inc" Target="Blank">Rico Al <i class="fa fa-facebook-square" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>
    CedCommerce for the extensions and best support

    We have worked with cedcommerce over two seperate ecommerce multivendor websites and we are very happy with modules and the tremendous support offered by the support team. Even if the issue is not related to their product, they go out of the way to resolve it.
    Team ced .... a big salute.

    by Rico Al on 7/16/2018
    Wonderfull products and support

    I was very sceptical at first but these guys have wowed me after purchasing their marketplace extension.
    Customer service has not failed me ever. and they are always willing and ready to assist me in resolving all and any issue I have faced. I will definitely recommend Ced commerce. especially their employees Chris Jordan, Naved Siddiqui and their team. those guys are untouchable, they rock!!

    by Theophilus on 7/16/2018
    Marcello Marino
    Support is always available and fast

    Support is always available and fast both for bug fixes and for customization requests. Their multi-vendor extension has many useful features.

    by Marcello Marino on 5/22/2018
    Poonika Silrat
    Excellent support

    Excellent support! Never regret choosing cedcommerce as they reply fast and very supportive!

    by Poonika Silrat on 5/14/2018
    <a href="https://co.linkedin.com/in/mihaly-flandorfer-peniche-9713371a" Target="Blank">Mihaly Flandorfer Peniche <i class="fa fa-linkedin-square" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>

    The best support answer immediately and this. very aware of the development follow-up

    by Mihaly Flandorfer Peniche on 4/24/2018
    Probebly the best marketplace extensions

    Cedcommerce marketplace extenstions are awesome and it has everything we need for our ecommerce website.
    The support is great. Every issue and problem we had just resolved in few hours.
    Also special thanks for Shaira, because of her patient and guides during the buying process and also being available after purchase and helps us through some problems.

    by Yota on

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