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Marketplace Booking And Reservation System
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Marketplace Booking and Reservation System [M2]

Marketplace Booking and Reservation system allow vendors to list their space easily on your magento space.

Key features :

  • Converts your magento store to MultiVendor Booking Marketplace.

  • Easy Vendor signup / login process.

  • Vendors can list their bookable items hassle free on the store.

  • Interactive vendor dashboard panel.

  • Admin full control over booking management process.

  • Support Hotel type listing as well Rental types bookings.

Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $199.00

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x
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Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $199.00



Marketplace Booking and Reservation System converts Magento 2 store to Fully MultiVendor Marketplace for the booking type of product and reservation. Admin and Vendors can create multiple location and during product creation they can assign the location for that product. Vendors can list Hotel types of products as well Rental types of the products on the Marketplace. Any booking type of the business logic can be achieved with the help of this extension. 

Following business types can use CedCommerce Marketplace Booking and Reservation System: Hotels, Rentals, Event Organization, Cinemas, Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Cab Service, Theaters, Spas, and Travel Agency.

All-in-one Robust Control

All types of the booking service can be achieved using Marketplace Booking and Reservation System. Allow your Bookable items to add unlimited number of the facilities. Rental services and Hotels types listing can be perform in this robust solution.

Different Room Types

Room types can be created inside Hotels type of the listing so any type of the rooms can be categorized easily and manage their booking efficiently.

Manage Facilities :

Facilities is the different features you are providing with your bookable items you can assign facilities to the bookable products easily. Facilities can also be assigned to the Hotel Rooms easily. Any number of the facility library can be created and it can be reuse in any types of the products.

Booking Types :

There are mainly three types of the booking which are supported by the CedCommerce Marketplace booking and Reservation System such as Hotels type, Daily Type Rent, Hourly types of the Rent system. Further these features can be extended by adding addons in the Marketplace system.

Customer Benifits

Customers are benifited most by browsing a vast number of the items listing, they can choose any type of the product by comparing there prices and features from different vendors :

  • 1. Can book any product any time for any number of the duration

  • 2. Before booking the products customer can easily check for the availability of the products on the desired dates.

  • 3. View all facilities related to a bookable products.

  • 4. After successful booking customer will be notified for the booking confirmation details.

Vendor Benefits

Vendors can easily extend their sales by just associating themselves with the Marketplace Booking and Reservation system. They hassle free create their shop and start listing of their products on the Marketplace stress.

Any Types of Booking Products

All types of the bookable products easily can be created and manage on vendor side.

Interactive Vendor Interface :

Vendor featured by the interactive dashboard system. On the Dashboard itself can be see there all totals sales as well the Booking duration of any products.

Transaction Management :

Vendor can view their total sales and their transaction on the vendor panel as well they can update their payouts methods on the Vendor Panel.

Admin Benefits

Exclude days functionality to prevent bookings/reservations for certain days and dates.

Fix billing periods by Days or Hours. Define bookings and reservations Stay time i.e. 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

*Flexible price rules to set different pricing for different days. (Coming Soon)

*Tier pricing to increase or reduce prices just before the event. (Coming Soon)

Admin can maintain the records of multiple locations at one place.

Admin can take multiple reservation for the same time slots depending on resources available.

Client Benefits

Smart filters to easily arrive at results.

Review and Ratings influences customer’s decision making. (Applicable if Booking Review & Rating Addon [M2] is installed).

Google Connect and maps enables your customers instantly contact and connect with you.

After using services customer gets the chance to review the service. (Applicable if Booking Review & Rating Addon [M2] is installed).

Customers can view all the placed orders and upcoming check-in information.

Sorting of products by price, name, location, amenities and ratings.

Booking Menu

Create Booking Products

Add Hotel, Daily and Hourly Booking Product From Vendor Panel

Booking General Information

Add Non-Working Rules for Daily and Hourly Booking

Assign Facilities To Booking Product and Add Rooms To Hotel

Create Rooms

Find Hotel Booking

Book Room

Find Daily And Hourly Booking Product

Book Rent Per Day And Rent Per Hour Booking Product


  • What are the business types that can use this extension?
  • What are the different booking types available?
  • Can a customer check availability of the product?
  • What is the “exclude days functionality”?
  • Can a customer see the location of a hotel in the map?
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    Review and Rating

    Recommended to everyone

    This extension was very beneficent to me in starting my marketplace. This extension is recommended to everyone who wants to start a booking marketplace.

    by Ethan Brown on 10/28/2017
    Fantastic & Impressive work!

    This extension is fantastic & very helpful. I had an issue during installation but it was solved in a blink by Ben. Impressive work!

    by Abebi on 7/9/2017
    Awesome Marketplace Booking Extension

    Excellent module for my online Booking Business, Easy to install, Very responsive cedcommerce support Team, Thank you.

    by Ray Jockey on 3/23/2017

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