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Custom Order and Invoice Numbers [M2]
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Custom Order and Invoice Numbers extension for Magento 2 provides the facility to easily customise the order, invoice, shipment and credit-memo numbers.

Key features:

  • Can use numbers, letters, date, time, random and alphanumeric numbers in orders, invoices, shipment and credit-memos
  • Can use different as well as same prefixes
  • Will not change any previous data - only future invoices, credit memos and shipments will be changed
  • Can make numbers same as the Order Number in Invoice, Shipment and Credit-Memo
  • Can decide the length of orders number by giving padding
  • Can set different increment number for next order as well as for invoice, shipment and credit memo
  • Can reset order, invoice, shipment and credit memo on daily, monthly and yearly basis

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x
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Custom Order and Invoice Numbers for Magento 2 by CedCommerce is used to customise the order numbers.You can make your website more user-friendly by customising the order numbers which attract more customers.

As no one wants to show the real numbers to their competitors for the sake of business, that is why they want to hide the information and only the store manager can access & manage them. Therefore, this extensions provides the admin to generate customised order ids.

Attract More Clients

Every businessman wants to attracts more customers to increase the numbers of sales. But low numbers can break their trust and stop them from purchasing the product. So to impress the customers every E-Commerce site administrator should use the custom order and invoice numbers module to show the random numbers. By doing this many customers will trust your web-shop as well as your services.

Easily Migrate from other E-Commerce store to Magento 2

When you move from some other E-Commerce platform to Magento 2 you often need to adjust order numbering. In this case you just need to set order starting numbers and implement them for the new site. You can use different numbers, letters, date/time and their combination also to change the order.

Add Custom Padding in Numbers

To make order numbers more readable you can use padding method. For example if you want the starting number to be 12345, but you want all numbers to be of 7 digits, then you can set a padding length of 7. By doing this the order number will be 0012345.

Internal Order Number Configuration

In Magento 2 every order has two types of number system: one is internal number and another is customer-facing number. If the Internal Number system changes, it might affect the other functionalities. That is why only customer-facing numbers are changed and internal numbers remain sequential.


Make the Numbers Same as Order Number

Using this extension you may also ensure that invoices, shipments, and credit memos have the same number as the order number.

Different Store has Different Setting

If you want to easily identify the orders for every store, then you can provide individual settings to every store. Besides this setting you can also use different store or country code to differentiate the order.

Have Functionality to Reset the Numbers

If you use local date and time format in custom numbers and want to reset them on daily, monthly and yearly basis, then you can reset the custom numbers according to your need.

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Review and Rating

Great extension - simple and easy to use!

I purchased this extension few days ago. We needed to change the order numbers to something which are easy to recognize and goes with our setup. The default magento system doesn't provide the facility to customize order numbers.. This extension helps us a great deal and is working perfectly.Strongly recommended !

by JUSTIN on 6/20/2016

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