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Hotel Room Booking

Car Daily Rentals

Car Hourly Rentals

Appointment Booking

Relevance of Booking & Reservation Marketplace

A peek into the need of similar solutions

In the light of the present age of digitalisation it is only obvious that conventional systems of booking and reservation management also shift to the web. Lately websites on similar concepts have come up and justified their worth in simplifying the otherwise complicated processes of bookings management. Be it booking hotel rooms, vehicles or even doctor’s appointments everything is just a click away with these multipurpose marketplaces.

They can be developed to ensure seamless booking experiences for user that too in a customized manner as per the requirements. Such systems not only optimize easy bookings, returns and review processes at the customer’s end but also make the management effortless at the service provider’s end.

Feature Highlights of Our Solution

Still waiting to begin your bookings marketplace. Well here we are with just the right solution.

CedCommerce’s online Booking and Reservation System

Create your online Booking and Reservations marketplace with our amazing solutions at extremely affordable prices.

  • Online Booking and Reservation System [M2]
  • Marketplace Booking and Reservation System [M2]
  • Appointment Booking Addon [M2]
  • Booking Review and Rating Addon [M2]
  • Booking Social Login Addon [M2]
  • Booking Messaging Addon [M2]
  • Booking Price Rule Addon [M2]
  • Twilio SMS Booking Addon [M2]
  • Booking Commission Addon [M2]
  • Booking FAQ Addon [M2]
  • Booking CMS Addon [M2]
  • Booking Badges Addon [M2]
  • Booking Citrus Payment Method Addon [M2]
  • Spring Edge SMS Booking Addon [M2]


Convert your online marketplace into Android and iOS App with ease.

Easy Browsing of Services

Allows for smooth browsing through Services available on your marketplace.

Analytical dashboard

Enables review of site performance and overall activity including data such as total revenue, total service order requests and services.

Service Order Management

Provides for easy service requests management, generating itinerary etc.


Multilingual support

Supports both Right-to-Left & Left-To-Right oriented languages.

Social Media Integration

Allows sign up/log in through social media accounts. Also provides for sharing services enlisted on several social media platforms.

Push Notifications

Shows pop-up messages for offers, deals and other updates.


Set in motion your shiny new bookings marketplace that provides numerous options to your customers, opens doors for multiple vendors to display their facility services and helps you earn commissions.

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