Why should I promote my shop on Pinterest
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Why should I promote my shop on Pinterest? What are the benefits of promoting my Etsy shop on Pinterest? 

How to earn relevant Pinterest Etsy traffic?  

How to promote Etsy business?

You must have asked these questions multiple times by now if you already. Let us help you with the reasons & answers.

If you already acquire an Etsy shop, you must be well aware of how important traffic is for the sale. Now, traffic generation is not something that you can make happen just by your mere existence on any podium.

For driving traffic you need to market your shops on different social media dais and what better platform could be there other than Pinterest.


In case you are oblivious of Pinterest, let us brief you about it.

What is Pinterest?

It is a virtual pinboard and a platform for sharing images. You can pin (share and save) and repin (reshare and save) images on this platform. Pinterest is as popular as Instagram with millennials.


Now let’s answer your question-


Why should I promote my shop on Pinterest? Or What are the benefits of promoting my Etsy shop on Pinterest?


As mentioned in a previous blog, more than 80 % of Etsy shoppers are female and in a survey, it was found out that 81% of Pinterest users are also female.

Well, there you have it. Now you can see why Etsy and Pinterest are such a pizzazz. Using Pinterest for promoting your Etsy shop or marketing your shop is beneficial.

Pinterest Etsy traffic is organic target traffic. Your pins related to your listed products will drive the most relevant traffic to your shop, hence it is one of the best ways to promote online.


Pinterest Audience   

Know the fact that Pinterest audience is buyers as well, they are curious and have a knack for unique collectables, these items can be furniture, show pieces, gifts, home decors or anything you can possibly think of.  

They are very much into art and craft. And Etsy is totally a platform for artists who create things. What other wholesome reason do you need as to why you should promote your shop on Pinterest.  

Make sure you pin every listed item in your shop if you are aiming to catch the attention of your audience on Pinterest.

According to Pinterest’s own survey, 98% of the users have tried something new that they found on the platform, which clearly shows that Pinterest influences a lot of buyers. 



Why should I promote my shop on Pinterest


Male Buyers

There are 40% of the male audience as new logins on Pinterest. The quantity is far more in comparison to Etsy, hence you will be getting much more male traffic from Pinterest than Etsy search itself if you have Etsy shop with items for males. 


Pinterest Etsy traffic

Source: Omnicore



Etsy on Pinterest

On Pinterest, Etsy has its own space where it pins the items listed on its platform.

The shoppers who are promoted directly by Etsy have a major chance of driving organic traffic that can actually lead to the sale of their products.


Why should I promote my shop on Pinterest



There are a total of 36 pin boards on which Etsy updates pins regularly.  


pinterest etsy traffic


Some of these boards are further divided into sections  


Why should I promote my shop on Pinterest


These are created so that the users can directly view what they want to, instead of searching for it endlessly and getting frustrated. Etsy knows that a major percentage of buyers do visit Pinterest before making any kind of purchase.

Directing them to what they are searching for, is a way how Etsy itself promotes the sellers.

If you are thinking why does Etsy need to this, the answer is, it benefits Etsy big time, the more sale is made through Etsy’s platform, the more it earns, also Etsy can attract more craft and vintage sellers on its platform through Pinterest. 

This is the answers to your  ‘ why should I promote my shop on Pinterest? ‘



How to Make Etsy Pin Your Stuff On Pinterest?


Etsy pinning your stuff clearly means fat chances of you to get noticed broadly. To make Etsy pin your stuff on their board you will have to take notes of the key points.

Etsy has 36 pin boards and some of those pinboards are divided into sections as well as mentioned above. Check out all these boards and the sections they are divided into. This will help you to make notes that your items can be included in which board or its section.

If your item is categorizable in any particular section, observe the keywords used for the pinned item’s name and description.



Pinterest Etsy Traffic



Why should I promote my shop on Pinterest



You can use a similar frame of description and pin name. This will increase the probability of your items being pinned by Etsy itself.

Etsy also re-pins other’s pins. Follow those pinners and take ideas from their pins. It will help you surface up more. Having your own Pinterest account is a plus point as Etsy can directly repin your pins instead of picking them up from the site.

The pictures that are pinned or repinned by Etsy are mostly natural and don’t give off any marketing or promotional vibe.



Pinterest Etsy Traffic


You should try to shoot these kinds of pictures if you want your stuff to be pinned or re-pinned by Etsy. Following these steps can increase the probability of your items to be pinned or re-pinned by Etsy.


How To Earn Relevant Pinterest Etsy Traffic?


Pinterest is a sturdy platform to drive a mega mass of organic traffic to your Etsy store hands down. But you must know how to do it right. And here is how you can.


  • Business Account On Pinterest

Well without an account you can’t start pinning and while you are at it, why not a business account. A business account on any social media platforms provides you with the insights of each of your posts. Through these insights, you can draw out which posts and pins are performing better and you can further plan your pins according to the insights. 

The insights also help you to know more about the trends and what’s popular among the audience.  


  • Learn To Pin Like a Pro

Create relevant pinboards, divide them into sections if you have a wide variety of products.


if you sell clothes you can create a board named fashion clothing and then divide it into sections like Dresses, Hoodies, Trousers or whatever you sell.  Each of your section will create more relevance.

Urge your customers to send their pictures with your products. You can use them on Pinterest.   Select the most natural and alluring pictures 


Why should I promote my shop on Pinterest


Pinterest Etsy Traffic



  • Pins like these appeal to the audience. Seeing your product on someone gives them an idea of it in use.
  • Using your customer’s pictures doesn’t mean that you can’t use yours. Spend time on the photography of your products or hire a pro photographer to do the job. The core is to get the best and catchy shots.
  • If possible, try to tell a story through your pins. Storytelling pins are easy to relate to and captures people’s imagination.  
  • Pin regularly. You need to be present in the mind of your audience and pinning regularly is the key. Make sure to at least pin twice a day. However, don’t overdo with pinning. It may backfire and your followers may spam you.
  • Use catchy captions for your pins and always keep your keyword game on point. Observe other pinners who pin similar posts to you and take notes of the keywords they are using as the tags and captions.
  • Re-pin others’ posts. Follow popular pinners and re-pin their most popular pins. This will also sustain relevant traffic for you.


How To Promote Etsy Business On Pinterest?


  • Pinterest is not just a podium for traffic generation, it is pertinent for Etsy marketing as well. You must not underestimate Pinterest. With apt tactics, you can use it for wide-range marketing.
  • Add a price tag on your pins. It will automatically include your pins in gift section increasing the chances of you getting searched more often. Adding price also gives you the option to link your shop directly to the pin.
  • Offer something unique and exclusive. People are always on the look for exclusive things. If you sell jewellery and you have very unique designs you must pin them. Offering exclusive pins will attract the audience and shoot up your shop’s popularity.
  • Build a Pinterest community around your Etsy shop and engage with the users. Urge your customers to re-pin your posts and also to post their own pins and tag your shop or link it.
  • Improve your SEO by generating backlinks, if you blog and vlog about your stuff and are also on other social media platforms, link your pins there. They will create backlinks for your pins and upsurge audience percentage. 


How To Mine Keywords From Pinterest? 


This is one more benefit that you can reap from Pinterest. Mining keywords from Pinterest can actually help you get found on Etsy store more often.

Why Pinterest? Because it has specified searches from the audiences and these searches can be your keywords.

In a specific category, you can see the most searched subcategories that can be used as keywords. Plus you can also draw ideas from different pins as to what keywords are used for their descriptions.   


Why should I promote my shop on Pinterest



You can even search in the Etsy Pinterest section.


Every step is towards increasing traffic and sales of your store. But you must not restrict yourself to Pinterest only, there are other social media platforms as well which means there are as many chances for you to promote, market and drive traffic.  

You can actually make a chunky earning just by selling on Etsy if you follow proper marketing and promotion methods. If you are a newbie and want to spawn your shop on Etsy, we can help you out. Check Us Out at CedCommerce.  

Hopefully, now you have got all the answer your question ‘ Why should I promote my shop on Pinterest? ‘  and ‘ How to earn relevant Pinterest Etsy traffic? ‘ 



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