How to create Facebook Shop
Seller’s Step By Step Guide To Create Facebook Shop

Seller’s Step By Step Guide To Create Facebook Shop


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Facebook has not just become favorite social platform for people but has gone beyond it, becoming the best eCommerce platform for many potential sellers. Creating Facebook shop to sell on Facebook is the finest and best way of utilizing the platform for eCommerce purpose. Despite this easy selling procedure of selling on Facebook, many sellers do not know how to create Facebook shop their Facebook account.


This blog focuses exactly on serving this purpose to guide you step by step to creating a robust Facebook shop. Let’s get started-


Why is Facebook a robust medium for eCommerce in 2019

Types of Facebook eCommerce platforms.

What is Facebook shop?

Why is Facebook shop important

How to create a Facebook shop (step by step guide)

How can CedCommerce help?


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Why is Facebook a robust medium for eCommerce in 2019?


Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platform. Facebook has  at least 2 billion monthly users which is actually a huge number of customer base for any online businessman. Facebook has empowered the term ‘Social Commerce’ just like Instagram that has revolutionized social commerce with Instagram Checkout.


Facebook offers various platforms for social commerce –


Facebook Page

Facebook Store

Facebook Shop

Facebook marketplace


Based on different business needs and requirements, sellers can use any of the above Facebook platforms.


Here, we will be covering only Facebook Shop, which is a robust medium for attracting the prospective customers wish to shop online.


What is Facebook shop?


Facebook shop is an eCommerce platform that enables sellers to list products on Facebook under shop category. Facebook offers add to cart button to the users and as soon as the user clicks on the button he is redirected to your dedicated business website and directly checkout from there.


Why is Facebook shop important?


How to create Facebook Shop


So you already know the extensive user base of Facebook, but you might not know the hidden and complementary benefits of making a business page and listing your product on Facebook exposed to millions of users who could spare time to pay heed to what you have to offer.


Following are the major benefits of building a business page and selling on Facebook –


Inexpensive Marketing Tool


Business page costs absolutely no amount unless you run ads and inorganic methods of page promotion. A business page can be organically promoted among users and even few shares have the potential to attract a good number of users interested in your products.


Designing a business page and making it more professional can be an added advantage.


Huge Audience


Facebook has 2 billion monthly users and even 10% of such a huge number can easily bombard your store with ample amount of stores and monetary value.


You should just know how to spread awareness about your business and convince them to purchase your products. If you manage to do this, rest assured, you have a bright future ahead.


Reach the Targeted Audience


Unlike other media platforms like newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, you can easily hit your target audience and catch their attention online. You can work on your ads to target only a particular niche within a limited area from where you can make deliveries to your customers.


Automated Facebook Analytics


Only marketers can understand how difficult it is to bring out the analytics and compiling  data for building business strategies. Facebook offers a simple and easy to understand analytical report. These are so accurate and well-represented that you can easily figure out the performance of you ads. What all you get to see are –

No. of page likes

No. page engagements and comparative analysis

Reach of your posts and page

Post Performance


how to create Facebook shop

Post planner



Establishing Brand Authority 


Social media is also an unprecedented platform for establishing brand awareness and thus building a loyal customer and follower base.


The more active you are, the more your viewers will understand your profoundness  in your business. This will generate a trust factor in them. With social media platform you have opportunities to create your loyal customer base.


Step By Step Guide To Create A Facebook Shop


Step 1 – Create a Facebook Business Page


The journey for successful Facebook shop starts from creating a business page. Visit and Click on Create A Page option. After clicking on it, icons with business types will open and you will have to choose from –



After choosing a business type, a box will appear with some information regarding the name and address of your business.


Thereafter follow – Add Pictures>Add a short description>Create username>Complete About section>Create a post>Start engaging. 



Step 2 – Create A Shop Tab On Your Business Page


After living your business page, create a Shop  option by going on the edit option of your page. Add tab against the Shop option i.e Edit page>Add a tab>Shop (click on the add a tab option).


After this follow the further procedures:


Agree to Merchant Terms and Policies>select checkout method>choose the currency (the shop gets created herein).


Remember! Carefully select checkout method and currency as changing them will mean deleting your shop and recreating your Facebook shop all over again. 


Fill the necessary details: After creating shop on your business page, fill the necessary details like description, categories, goods and services. Write a good description so that any user visiting your page should know does it actually deals in.


Step 3 – Add Products To Your Shop


After creating the necessary shop details , start adding products by clicking on Add product Option.


Adding items to your products can end up in two ways-



  • Message to buy 
  • Checkout on another website



Let’s see each one of them –


Message to buy 


If you choose message to buy on your check out option then you can add products and fill the details like-




Product description

Product price


It will look something like this –

How to create Facebook page

Promo Republic


Once done and saved with all the necessary details, automatically the option of Message to Buy option will appear and will look something like this –

Checkout on another website


The same procedure is followed but the only difference is that you can paste the URL of your website in the option given below. It will look like this –


Step 4 – Choose best Integrator/Tech-solution for Automation


This is a very crucial step for many established sellers, as uploading products in bulk is a very hectic and time-consuming task.

An automated software also allows to synchronize price, orders and stock from your e-store to Facebook shop.


How can CedCommerce help?


CedCommerce is a global leading tech-solution company that provide tech-solutions for multiple framework across multiple marketplaces. Facebook shop integration allows automated features of –

  • Easy Product listing in bulk on Facebook page.


  • Automatic Synchronization of Inventory in specific period of time.


  • Changes made in products details on Magento 2 store gets reflected on the Facebook page.


  • You can select category of the products accordingly.


  • Redirected the users to your Magento 2 store at the time of checkout process.


An automated system can reduce a huge amount of manual work and fasten up your process with complete data and you will only have to look after your marketing areas for better user absorption.


Step 5 – Market Your Products


Share Your Page Among your Friends – Once you are done with your product upload and living products through Facebook shop, it’s time for marketing. Promote your product page among your friend circle or group and ask them to like and share your page.


Be active and prompt – Be active and prompt  in your postings and engagement with people. This builds your image of serious businessman and builds trust among people.


Call To Action- There can be many reasons for people visiting your page. Give them CTA to perform some activities. For example Book Now, Shop now, Send ,message etc.


Pinned Post- Let your users or page visitors never miss your most important posts or products or sales opportunities.


Run Ads- You can run Facebook ads and increase your visibility among your target audience. Based upon the Facebook analytics as discussed above you can create your own  product and promotional strategies.


Get Back linked and Verified – Back linking strengthens your web domain and Facebook verification badge helps to build credibility of your brand and people feel confident to buy products from you.





eCommerce is revolutionizing in its dimensions and so are social media websites. Creating Facebook shop is not just simple and absolutely free, it also has a reasonable selling fees. Thus go ahead and pave your way towards successful social commerce.


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Note – The images have been taken from Post Planner and Promo Republic websites.


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