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Google express has always been alluring different retailers who wish to sell on Google Express and are looking to step up their business store. It has also been a favorite place for the buyers to do shopping online. Google express has been catering millions of buyers and sellers by providing the buyers ease of shopping and the sellers with great benefits.

Earlier known as, Google Shopping Express, Google Express is now home to various stores like Target, PetSmart, Costco, and many others. There are satisfied customers and retailers doing their business on Google Express.

However, there is always a right way of doing things, in order to harvest the desired results. So, here we list a number of to Do’s and Don’t while selling on Google Express –


NOTE: The below-mentioned points are taken into consideration keeping in mind a general seller on Google Express. Not all the points may be applicable to you, depending upon the genre of product you’re selling on Google Express.

Your complete guide to sell on Google Express via Shopping Actions


What to DO on Google Express?


  • Do proper Market Research

google express store


The core strategy has to be formed on the basis of Market research. To have an idea about ‘where you are selling your product’ is must on Google Express, in order to sell the product effectively and efficiently.
Until and unless one does not know about-

  • How Google Express’ market structure is?
  • Who are the immediate competitors?
  • What kind of audience you’ll be catering to on Google Express?
  • What are the Shopping Habits of your customers?
  • How are other stores like Target and Costco reaching more audience? Determining an apt selling strategy is not possible. Even if someone, makes one, the struggle will be real in running the Google Express store.


  • Do maintain the Store Front

The first impression they say is the last impression.

The moment someone lands on your Google Express store for shopping, the storefront is the first thing he gets to see.

Target’s store on Google Express has the first column present where they ask their customers to link their Google Express account to their website, thus creating a nice marketing strategy.

google express store


You’re making your OWN store, why not make it attractive and beautiful so that it grabs the customer’s attention while he/she is shopping over Google Express and make him/her stay and shop on YOUR Google store. Some basic tips can be-

  • Keeping it clean
  • Being creative but not overdoing it
  • Placing alluring discounts on the tops
  • Link to the best sellers
  • etc.


  • Do specify your Payment Getaways

google express store


Offer your customers with multiple and convenient payment options to provide him/her ease of shopping over Google Express. The more comfortable your customers are while making a purchase with you, the more likely they are to become the loyal ones. Moreover, with Google Express, your customers can even save the payment details for easier one-click checkout for their future purchases. Provide multiple options like-

  • PayPal
  • Google Pay balance
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

You can check all of them here.


  • Do read Google’s Seller Policy

google express store


Selling on Google express requires a seller to follow several rules and a list of guidelines as Google Shopping Action’s content policy. This also includes a list of prohibited items that Google forbids a seller to sell on Google Express. Few of the items that are either banned by Google Express or are limitedly available for shopping are-

  • Arms and Ammunition
  • Several Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Alcoholic beverages etc.

Also, after you start selling on Google Express, a monthly ‘seller rating evaluation’ is sent by Google via email. It is ranked upon the performance of their store, which includes the returns rate, defects in the products, complaints, etc.


  • Do use Order Management Software

google express store


Now, if you have a long list of products and a vast inventory to manage. This will consume a lot of our valuable time, which can be executed in performing other productive tasks for your business. To update each and every order in real time on both, your Google Express Store and your website will be a tough task for you to manage along with other works like manufacturing or sourcing. Order Management Softwares are vastly available in the market and can help you automate the process, saving you from unnecessary hassle.
Here is a list of things that an Order Management Software will do for you-

  • Central Order Management
  • Real-Time inventory synchronization
  • Automated Inventory
  • Full Customer Support
  • Astounding PLAs
  • Bulk Uploading
  • And much more


  • Do manage Inventory

google express store


Well, inventory management is very important for Google Express’ store’s consistent working.

Let’s consider a customer visits your store by looking at your ‘product ad’ to buy a product and as he reached the product page and there he gets to see ‘out of stock’.

Who’s loss it’d be?

Well, definitely customer will get that product from any other store, maybe from Costco or Target. But you’ll lose your store’s credibility and what’s not sold is already a loan in your pocket. So, inventory management is a must for Google Express store.


  • Do maintain the Product Description

google express store


What is exactly in there for the customers? A nicely formatted product description is expected on Google Express store from visiter’s end.
This is one of the most important aspects which becomes a factor in customer’s decision making while shopping.
If the product is the body, then it’s description is the backbone which supports the overall life of the product. You might be selling a hair dryer which is really a good innovation and even you have it at low prices, but on Google Express store if the customer didn’t find the description fine, he’ll not do the shopping.
Product descriptions are there to provide each and every question, an answer which is bubbling into the customer’s mind.

Do some research on how to write an effective product description for your products and pen down a masterpiece!


  • Do focus on Quality

google express store


Sell one, but sell the best. Selling 100 products with defects and omissions will be only degrading the value of your Google Express store.

Sell less, but keep your focus on the quality that you are giving to your customers. The ones who will rejoice the quality products of yours will appreciate your services and even they might refer your store and it’s products to some of their colleagues or neighbors.

Moreover maintaining the quality will help you retain good seller ratings by Google and if that happens consistently, Google Express has its own way of treating your hard efforts.


  • Do fix apt Price

google express store


Price determinations always surface up as a crucial aspect. How to set the price, that avails you the maximum profit but also stays into the buyers’ pocket limit?
Well, one of the most common strategies being used these days is having a keen eye on the similar products that are selling on Google Express store. You get an idea about how to strategize your pricing for your products.
Good prices always attract more customers. To add to this, you can also give offers and discount to your customers to maintain a good engagement rate and sell your products on Google Express.


  • Do use quality Images

google express store


What is seen is what is sold on Google Express. So make sure you have high-quality product images along with your product at your store. Keep them real, but make them quality too. Some of the sellers use photo studios, where they take their products and click the images. For beginners, an easy way to shoot quality photos can be finding a good spot with eminent light and a white cloth on a table surface. And that would do!
Nowadays, mobile phones come with amazing camera quality. So, you don’t need to spend dollars on your photos. Keep them simple and alluring to the eyes.


And the Don’ts?


  • Don’t stress out

google express store


“Great things come to those who wait.”

If you are not getting orders on your store in the starting, there is no need to get stressed out. Wait for sometime, look out for the promotional measures that can be utilized on Google Express.

Before selling, keep- ‘spreading awareness among the people’, the top priority. Once, you are settled in the Google Express marketplace, you’ll gradually start getting offers. If you have been following all the Do’s mentioned above. You’ll surely attract more customers to you. And the customers will love shopping from your store.


  • Don’t disregard feedback

google express store


‘Just selling’ is not the game, you need to keep an eye upon how your product is being liked by the consumers and what categories they are shopping more.

Ask your customers to leave review and ratings for the products they buy on your Google Express store. If you didn’t welcome the customer’s feedback and kept on doing the wrong things, soon the shops’ gonna count no heads. Listening to the customers complain and working on them and assuring the customer, quality will keep it all in your hands for selling on Google Express.


  • Don’t try to sell in bulk

google express store


This basically refers to the practice of focusing so much on ‘just sales’ that the graph of quality degrades gradually and thus making your store’s performance drop low.

Many sellers give so much of attention to the selling that often they forget how important it is to manage the store.

Well, if you are to be centrally focused on selling on Google Express, first you must have an automation process attached, which can take care of your store in your place.


  • Don’t mention Misrepresenting features

google express store


If the product comes along with 1 Jar and 2 Bowls, mention the exact ‘in-packet’ items too.

The preciseness in the description of the products will be the base for your customer’s loyalty towards you. Provide quality products, keep everything straight and simple, how difficult it can be?

Well, nothing, when your brand’s image is at the stake. So, allure customers will real offers and discounts and not by exaggerating about the product.
So, when you sell on Google Express, be clear, concise, correct and complete.


  • Don’t use Too techy names

google express store


It is said that simple reading is always hard writing.

Using techy names of your products will make its visibility go low. Why? Because people will not be searching for a PS – X17456 128gb console rather they’d be typing in Sony – PS classic on Google Express store. 


  • Don’t forget keywords

google express store


The key to success is using the right keywords. Algorithms do matter and to that fact, using the most relevant keywords in the description and specifications is a ‘must DO’.

If you forgot this, there are chances that you might be missing on many ends. Well, there are keyword research tools available in the market.

Spend some time determining the right category of your product and the most relevant searched keywords that have been into the Google search for long.


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Well, now when you know all the right ways of making progress over Google Express store, you are all set to sell on it.

Once, you start managing your store easily and smartly, you will be able to put your full focus on what’s necessary for you and thus, the products you sell will gain quality.

Cedcommerce being an official partner of Google Shopping Actions offers its customers with integration software and services which will save you from all the hassles and will work along with you in your store’s journey to success.

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