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Both Google Express and Amazon are renowned to offer an impeccable level of service and it is hard to choose the real winner. Same day delivery is the new milestone to acquire more customers.  Both online marketplaces have put best strategy to make online shopping and selling experience absolutely amazing, fast, secure and cost-effective.


Time is Money – Again Proved Right by Same Day Product Delivery Concept


The recent rise in technological innovations pertaining to the logistics domain has made the same day delivery very possible and a bit easy than before. Google express is a free option allowing users to shop online hundreds of store showcasing millions of products. 


Google Express

  • The delivery duration may vary from few hours (same day delivery) to several days, based on shipping location.
  • Customers enjoy free shipping by Google Express (provided purchased item should be between $25 and $35) else they are ready to pay $4.99 to avail same day delivery.
  • This fee is pretty less in comparison to amazon delivery fee if product does not meet the minimum order criterion.


Google Express partnered with local retailers in Fairway Market and Paragon Sports of New York City. This way New York users can get their delicacies from their favorite shop delivered till their doorsteps on the same day. Online sellers are also automating their store to sell on Amazon and Google Express.


Majority of retailers are offering Same Day Delivery and even more are in the mood to offer it in the next 2 years


  • Google Express doesn’t charge any annual membership fee and you will be eligible for free delivery (just need to shop a minimum amount), 
  • The merger of Google Express and shopping search will result in Google Shopping and it will be announced very soon.
  • The user friendly feature like no need to be redirected to retailer’s website instead buying it directly will still be available in Google Shopping.
  • Google Express act as universal cart to make user shopping experience even more smooth by allowing user to shop by giving option of ‘add to cart’ on the page where user watches the review of the product.
  • This way user can add all products while looking up their information as well as add to cart option will help them get these products collected into a universal cart.
  • This will cut short the time by allowing the purchase to happen directly without visiting other website.


Almost every (96%) user purchasing products online associates the same day delivery with fast delivery.


Your complete guide to sell on Google Express via Shopping Actions

Amazon Prime Now

  • As far as Amazon Prime delivery is concerned,  The same day delivery is a bit expensive comparative to Google Express.
  • If you order a product with cost more than $35  as well as yearly membership then it will get the product delivered the same day with $5.99
  • Same day delivery is also possible without a membership, but that will cost  $8.99 plus $0.99 per item.
  • Amazon Prime Now is a bit ahead with FREE 2-hour delivery to satisfy the customer with fast delivery.
  • You can avail free delivery on Amazon prime after paying an annual fee. During Amazon Prime Day one should not miss the opportunity to sell more on Amazon by subscribing to Amazon Prime membership.


What makes Same Day Delivery So Important?

It is, therefore, no surprise, during the festive season when website traffic increase to a degree that it becomes unmanageable by the servers. During that time customers will obviously prefer to buy from the website offering same day delivery. In this manner, they will be able to send a gift to dear ones on the same day.  


It is 2019 and users won’t be interested in spending hours just to buy groceries. The same day delivery concept sounds really convincing and saves a lot of precious time.


It will rather be very necessary to deliver on the same day to stay afloat in the competition in the next few years. Another important point to consider for selling is store automation.


Another scenario to count on is surprise guests arrive at your house and you are not in the position to plan a meal for them. In that case, order a sumptuous meal with Google Express.


How Does Same Day Delivery Work?

Google Express Same Day Delivery

  • Google Express offers the same day, 2 days, as well as an overnight delivery of items from various vendors across different categories. 
  • The time required to ship the order is from which store is the customer ordering product for which delivery location.


Amazon Prime Same Day Delivery

  • The product order at Amazon when received (of course one that qualifies Amazon same day delivery) before noon then it will reach you by 9 pm.
  • Those products that are purchased after 12 pm will be at your doorsteps by the next day. The best part is both scenarios is that Amazon prime same day delivery can be avail every day.



Are you eligible for Same Day Delivery?

Google Express Users

Google express will deliver the products the same day or overnight if possible. Currently, the users from below cities are eligible for same day delivery






San Francisco,

Peninsula & San Jose,

West Los Angeles


Amazon Prime Users

Amazon prime same day delivery is also limited to certain cities in the USA but, unlike Google Express it will cost you $5.99 per order (if your order cost less than $35).

You will be able to enjoy Amazon prime same day delivery if your delivery address is  on the following metro areas:

San Francisco Bay Area,


New York City,



San Diego,

Los Angeles,

Tampa Bay Area,

Washington D.C.,






40% of online shoppers will buy more often if the product is delivered the same day



Which is Cost Effective – Google Express Same Day Delivery or Amazon Prime Same Day Delivery


Google ExpressAmazon Prime
Price – You will be able to avail Google Express membership at $10 per month/ $95 per year.                Price –  The Amazon prime users are required to shell out
$99 on an annual basis to avail the membership.
Free Trial – 90 daysFree Trial – 30 days.



Not Surprising that 61% of customers will not hesitate to pay more for Same Day Delivery


Conclusion – Whose Same Day Delivery will Ease your Online Shopping Experience
If you live in one of the cities highlighted above then Google Express will suit you more than Amazon Prime. Opting for Google Express will help you get your product delivered until your doorsteps on the same day.

Amazon prime can be your prime choice for same day delivery if there ain’t any budget constraints. As an Amazon Prime user, you will also be able to enjoy free music streaming, unlimited movies and free two day delivery at as little as $14.  


The Amazon prime day delivery is available for seven days a week (except, on Saturdays for Boston residents). 


Well, choose anyone but you have the opportunity to avail the luxury of same day delivery.


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