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5 Problems faced by first time Shopify product Importer Users

5 Problems faced by first time Shopify product Importer Users


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Before jumping to a solution, it is essential to analyze the problem. That is how you discover the best solution to a problem. For a merchant using Shopify product importer, importing products from marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Wish, Etsy, etc. to Shopify store can be very daunting and may cause their huge amount of time to be wasted.

CedCommerce’s analysis before the launch of Multichannel Importer, we found that-

Shopify tends to engage more merchants with each passing year which we can see in the graph below:

first-time shopify importers     


In conclusion, the rate at which the number of merchants increases every year is approximately 62%.

Shopify’s MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is surging high with each passing year.

sell on shopify


their problems are ignorable, as they do spread globally.

Shopify product importer


The Major Problems faced by Merchants while they import their Products to Shopify Store are –

1) Inconvenience in Bulk Transfer of Product-

while creating a personal brand, you must aim to import all the best products for fetching in most customers.

Often importing Products one by one can be a huge problem for you if the aim is to grow business smartly. The major problem faced by importers is Bulk Transfer of Products. 

2) Inconvenience in Store development-

A merchant who wants to build a trusted brand does not want to fail in meeting the instant customer demands. Hence, firstly he needs to develop a proper, well-structured store.

If a merchant imports Products from any Shopify product importer for the first time, he can find himself puzzled as to how to develop a customer-friendly Shopify store. So to emerge out as a leading seller, firstly, you need to fix the inconvenience in store development.

Bulk transfer of product


3) Difficulty in Product Authorization-

For the first time Shopify Importers, Authorization of their products can be a huge problem due to lack of experience and lack of knowledge of Product Management. But above all, Successful Product Authorization is the key to successful selling.

4) Difficulty Maintaining Inventory Levels-

Maintaining Inventory levels can be a severe problem for first time Shopify importers. in order to have a faithful customer base, you cannot afford your Shopify Store to display incorrect inventory.

Your customer needs to know Products in stock, products out of stock, etc.

5) Difficulty in fetching in customers-

The major setback by first-time Shopify product importer is that after importing their products. In addition, they may face difficulty in finding relevant customers as they are new to the Shopify store. 

All-in-One Solution for the above mentioned common problems faced by first-time Shopify product Importers

Amazon Importer for Shopify by CedCommerce- <//h3>

Initial Shopify product importer can derive a massive enjoy this particular importer because-

1. Bulk import in just one click- Helps you Import products in bulk from Amazon along with all variations including SKUs, images, price, inventory, etc in just a few clicks.

2. Auto inventory & price syncing- Enables auto-syncing of inventory and price from Amazon to your store.

3. Import newly added products- Syncs the newly added products on Amazon to your store in a seamless manner.

eBay Importer by CedCommerce-

Key features-

1. The facility of currency conversion: On importing products, our app provides you to convert currency as suitable to your customers.

2. Inventory & Price Syncing: Inventory and price of all the products get synced from the selected marketplace to your store on a daily basis. 

3. Select Collection: Sellers have full liberty to select the collections for their products to list in your store. however, these changes will not be reflected on eBay.

4. Support multiple Warehouse: It is easy for the seller to upload products and set their inventory to a given warehouse depending on the product.

5. Store Development: Our app helps you in designing a customer-friendly store. In other words, using our app can help you in creating a store of your choice to enhance the customer experience.

How do multichannel importer app work?

These App import products from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Wish, etc. Marketplace to the App itself, and once the products are imported, they will be available in the Shopify store instantly.

How these multi-channel importer app make your Consumer Experience different?

our Shopify multi-channel Importer apps basically allow you to have a complete track of inventory and help in syncing it with the Shopify store. Which makes the traction of orders quick, updates inventory in just a click and even keeps your product details confidential to the required extent. All this can help in growing your business by building and expanding the brand in a few clicks.

Latest Importers By CedCommerce-

Walmart Importer:

CedCommerce has launched Walmart Importer to enable Walmart sellers to import and sell their products on Shopify. Hence, the importer has been developed with a view to helping Walmart sellers to-

  • Create their own brand by setting up an Online Shopify Store.
  • Listing products that are in high demand on Walmart so that you can fetch the attention of relevant Shopify customers.

Walmart is an American multinational company that helps its sellers to have a sustainable customer base. Founded in January 2000, is a subsidiary of WalMart Stores, Inc. Their headquarters is on the San Francisco Peninsula near Silicon Valley, where they have access to the world’s deepest pool of Internet executive and technical talent.

2) Etsy Importer:

After a deep analysis, we found out that the number of Etsy sellers is increasing every day due to its being an open marketplace. Providing an opportunity for a creative lot of people to display their art, craft, etc.

With the increasing number of Etsy sellers, a huge need was felt to help the creative heads get the desired recognition by creating their own brand.

In other words, the sellers who wish to have their own brand and enhance the online visibility of their products and services have an opportunity to do so with Etsy Importer by CedCommerce. 

The Etsy Importer by CedCommerce is now hovering over the industry with an aim to easily let the sellers selling on Etsy by ensuring Bulk Product Upload, Compatibility with the variants, High-Resolution Image Transfer, Product Management, Inventory and Price Syncing.

3) Wish Importer: 

CedCommerce has recently come up with its Importer services for Wish Marketplace.

The app aims at helping sellers to list their products from to the Shopify store. In other words, The multichannel importer app has been helping sellers to unleash the potential of Multi-Channel Selling. is a global Marketplace that shows your products to approximately 32 million customers.

however, Headquartered in San Francisco, the Marketplace provides selling flexibility to aspiring business-holders

CedCommerce Multichannel importer app now compatible for FBA

FBA( fulfillment by amazon) is a service in which Amazon takes care of warehousing your inventory at their fulfillment centers. In other words, they pick, pack and ship your orders to your customers.

Our multichannel importer app connects a seller’s Shopify store to their FBA account and makes selling on Shopify easier with Amazon FBA.

In conclusion, our app checks whether your inventory and the SKU(stock keeping unit) of the orders received are available on Amazon FBA or not. If they are available, then the order will be created or elsewhere get canceled from FBA.

Therefore, the main features of this app are:

-> Hold Time: Can hold the order to be created on FBA till the mentioned time.

-> Cancel Order: Once the order gets canceled from FBA, as per seller need either they can cancel the same on Shopify or not it may remain in pending status on Shopify.

-> Manually Order Creation: If sellers want they can disable the order creation on FBA and can create whenever they required.

Why CedCommerce?

Our experienced and veteran professionals have served millions of clients to get their desired dream come true. We helped millions bringing their brick-and-mortar store on the internet with the help of global leading frameworks like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Prestashop. In addition to this, we also helped them to expand their online stores to global leading marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

Similarly, with the help of importer services, we help our customers to import their products from marketplaces to their online stores. Adding the FBA services to their online stores makes it even more easy for the customers to sell as no issues related to shipping will be there. 

More prominent services like- multivendor marketplace solutions, mobile app development solutions, cart migrators, CRM integrations, dropshipping services, WordPress plugins, etc. are loved by our customers on a huge scale globally.

Our eminent services like- store development/customization and digital marketing services have aided us to become the official partners with leading names like google shopping actions, Walmart, BigCommerce, etc. which strengthen the trust of our seller’s community for us more than any other company.

Above all, let’s have look at some of the benefits we provide,

  • 24*7 Support via multiple mediums.
  • Personal Account Manager to help the sellers.
  • Assistance in on-boarding.

More From CedCommerce

For the first-time Shopify Importers building a customer base can be very daunting. Therefore, we at CedCommerce, have designed various Shopify Integration apps like:

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