How Newegg Matches Product
How Newegg Matches Product?

How Newegg Matches Product?


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It often occurs to sellers offering their product at Newegg” How Newegg Matches Product at their platform. Well the answer is straight and simple, when you want to list your product at, it requires certain data sets of items SKU, Product data, Product Identifiers etc.



Thus, when you provide with data, it matches your products data with the data in their data feed. And according to them returns the results. The matching depends on several factors:


With UPCs


  • UPC
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Similar Product short title


In the items with UPCs, first UPC is matched and then Manufacturer’s Name and thereafter products with similar short title are matched


Without UPCs


  • Manufacturer Name
  • MPN or Manufacturer Part Number
  • Similar Product short title


And those items that don’t have UPCs, First the Manufacturer Name is matched, then comes the part of MPN or Manufacturer Part Number and at the end, again, products with similar short titles are matched.


However, there are other factors as well, which are needed to be kept in mind:



For In Catalog Products


  • Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) or UPC



For out of Catalog Items

  • Sub Category
  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Main Image


Note: If you find out that your items is not correctly matched to the catalog, then e-mail Newegg team with the details.


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