Top 7 Mobile App Trends in 2021
Top 7 Mobile App Trends in 2021 and beyond

Top 7 Mobile App Trends in 2021 and beyond


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The Mobile application development sector is developing each day. The advancement in technology, customer demands, and numerous other factors have directly affected Mobile app Trends in 2021. And mobile app sellers need to stay up to date with new patterns to more readily serve their clients. Also the equivalent goes for marketers to take their brands to the next level with mobile app development. So here we will discuss some top app development trends in 2021 that will revolutionize the mobile app market.

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Top mobile app development trends in 2021

1 – IoT(Internet Of things)

Internet of things(IOT) refers to the millions of physical devices worldwide connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. As technology is advancing and the cost of electronic gadgets is reducing, the use of internet enabled devices is skyrocketing. It is now possible to turn anything into a part of IoT. The internet is not just about computers anymore, now different kinds of daily items can connect to the internet.

These daily items may incorporate your cars, sporting equipment, electronic appliances, and even your sports footwear. Now you may be wondering why shoes would need to connect to the internet. Well, the shoes can collect data like how many steps you take. And this data can be easily viewed on internet enabled devices like your smartphones or tablets.

All the information collected by the shoes can be analysed to tell you how many calories you burn. And in this way it gives you personalised fitness advice, and lots more. So the IOT could be amongst the top aspects of app development trends in 2021 and beyond.

2 – 5G technology

5g is the fifth generation technology standard and the latest generation of mobile network. It works similarly to other generations. However utilises higher radio frequencies that are less cluttered, permitting it to convey more data quickly. It is a huge step up from what is available today i.e. 2G, 3G, 4G, etc. So the jump from 3G to 4G was quite large.

But from 4G to 5G is many times greater and almost difficult to understand. 5G is an entirely different kind of network designed to connect almost everything and everyone. 5G co-exist with existing 4G networks and its coverage is expanding significantly.

3 – Instant App

These small-sized instant mobile apps are very important amongst top application development trends in 2021. Instant Apps are very ideal for the clients to understand the basic functionalities of any app. And clients can use instant apps easily without downloading it to their smart devices. These apps are much ideal for giving a demo and are user-friendly to the client about the native full-scale application. This helps the clients to decide whether they want to download this app to their device.

These apps are more helpful when entwined with digital marketing to reach the target audience. Also convince clients to download the application. Hence, it can be foreseen to be in big demand this year and beyond.

4 – Blockchain technology

The Blockchain is a database or we can say a digital ledger of transactions. However this database is different from traditional databases. When talking about traditional databases data was stored inside the centralised server. And with a single authority empowered to delete or change the data.

In a blockchain, the data is shared across a network of a computer. And all runs on special software that ensures all data remains identical. In blockchain technology data is secured using cryptography and can only be changed by authorised users. Blockchain is considered as amongst the most emerging and promising technologies of today’s modern world. Unlike a traditional database, Blockchain is secure, distributed, immutable, accessible, and transparent.

5- Augmented Reality

Augumented Reality

Augumented Reality

Augmented reality or AR is an important app trends of 2021. Basically, augmented reality means that we are overlaying digital elements onto the real world that we are watching. Unlike in virtual reality where we wear glasses or VR box and immerse ourselves in a digital world. In augmented reality we can see the real world augmented with digital elements like images and animations. And here in AR we don’t necessarily need to use glasses. Daily examples of augmented reality include Snapchat filters, where you can transform photos and pictures to other things.

6- Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the technology of making machines smart and intelligent. It uses algorithms to allow computers to solve complex problems that are used to be solved by humans. For example, a radiologist can make use of Artificial Intelligence to calculate the exact volume and shape of tumors.

So nowadays most e-commerce websites use AI-based chatbots to give automated replies to their users. The applications of Artificial intelligence are endless, from driving new sales to fraud prevention and lots more. So this could be amongst the most important aspects of the mobile Application development trends in 2021.

An easy way to convert your Shopify store into a mobile app.

7- Chatbots

In today’s world messaging has become one of the most common methods of communication. Whether it is a text message or messenger app. So most businesses now are developing chatbots, that can help businesses to give automated replies to their clients. And these chatbots reply in the manner as there are humans. Now more and more businesses are using chatbots for online customer services.

Chatbots assist customers by resolving issues and answering their queries. Many businesses are now developing it to give shopping assistance to clients. So these chatbots provide their clients shopping recommendations when they are looking for certain products or services.


The Mobile App development sector is consistently advancing with new technologies and updates that will never end. And App developers are continuously striving to discover new things every day. And creating opportunities for digital businesses.

So trends in Mobile app like Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, Augmented reality etc. have revolutionised the digital world. Also gave a unique direction to online businesses.  We at Magenative offer Complete M-commerce solutions on different platforms. Also with the latest features that can help you in the growth and development of your online business. Visit us for more information or for 30 days free app trial.

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