Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace Addon

Are you looking for an option to provide order related functionality to the vendor? If yes, here is the result of your search. Magento 2 Marketplace Vendor Order Add-on provide the authority to the vendor to manage their orders of their store. This reduces the weary load of the admin as well as extends the “Refund” feature of the admin site to vendors. The admin can get the refund amount from vendor account to his account, only when the vendor wants to return that amount.


Using Magento 2 Marketplace vendor order add-on, the vendor can perform various operations ranging from Invoice to Shipment as well as Credit memo generation if required. The vendor can perform these operations for their particular orders from their vendor panel.

Whether the order is placed for the single vendor or for multiple vendors products, only a single order id is generated. The vendor can only view the order details of their particular products from their respective vendor panel.

Admin informs the vendor about the order creation or cancellation through email so that the vendor can proceed to the further process and complete it as soon as possible.

In order to allow the vendor to ship their product Multi shipping add-on is the must. With this add-on, vendors can select shipment method of their choice for their products. The shipment method selected by the vendor would be visible to the customer who is going to purchase the product of that particular vendor. If the vendor does not set any shipping method than the default shipping method of the main website is visible to the customer during the checkout process.


Functionalities of Magento 2 Marketplace Vendor Order Add-on :

1. The vendor can manage operations related to their products.
2. Update the “Refund” feature of the admin site.
3. The vendor can select shipment methods of their choice for their products.
4. Only a single order id is generated.
5. Commission is charged from each particular vendor depending on the order items.
6. The vendor can view and filter the list of all invoices, shipment and credit memo that have been created from his panel.


Features of Vendor Order Addon:

1. Generate invoice:

The vendor can view the order placed in his particular shop and after verifying it he can generate invoice of his particular product. He need not to contact the admin each time the order is placed.


Magento 2 Marketplace Vendor Order Add-on

Vendor Order Addon: Invoice setting at the backend


2. Create shipment:

Any order is not complete without shipment so proceeding further to the next step of completion of the order. Shipment is generated by the vendor. He can also manage the delivery by assigning the tracking number to the orders.

Vendor Order Addon

Vendor Order Addon: Shipment Creation at the backend


3. Produce credit memo:

If the customer request for the refund than credit memo is generated by the vendor to refund the amount to the customer. The admin can refund the amount from the vendor accordingly.

Vendor Order Addon

Vendor Order Addon: Credit Memo at Backend


4. Vendor Friendly Operations occurs:

In Basic Marketplace, vendors don’t get the pay until and unless the whole transaction is complete from all the vendors involved in the order. But while using Magento 2 Marketplace Vendor Order Add-on the functionality of each vendor becomes the individual. As an when the vendor completes the order from his point he gets the payment from the Admin irrespective of the order status of the other vendors. Similarly, occurs for Refund Process. In Basic Marketplace the entire order is returned whereas using this add-on only a part of the order can be returned. The admin can take back the money of that part of the order from the vendor.

5. Provide e-mail notification:

E-mail notification has been sending to the vendor by the admin in case of order generation or cancellation. This help the vendor to proceed further to the next step that is required and complete it.E-email notification can also be sent to the customer to inform them about the order report when it has been shipped.



Overall, Vendor Order Addon will let the vendor manage the operations related to their products. This, on the whole, divides the load of the admin among the vendors so that they can manage the order related functionalities of their shop. As the result, admin need not bother about the vendor order operations.

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