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Leverage dropshipping from the 1688 marketplace and import products to your store seamlessly. Manage everything centrally with the help of CedCommerce’s WooCommerce importer. is a well-known eCommerce marketplace owned by Alibaba Group of companies. The significant population for the 1688 marketplace consists of Chinese people and offers products at the lowest prices. The platform is only available in the Chinese language and rules the Chinese domestic market. The marketplace received 36.1M traffic in August 2021.

The platform is a B2B marketplace with 120 million users and 10 million companies listing products on the website. To be able to sell on, suppliers need to have Government Business licenses. The sellers are supposed to pay an annual membership fee of 6888 CNY to show their seriousness and commitment to the partnership.

Alibaba vs. 1688

1688 Alibaba China is a subsidiary of Alibaba. While Alibaba is famous for international trade, 1688 is known for domestic trade. Alibaba is available in English and has translations in Spanish, French, and other major languages.

Now that you are well aware with what 1688 is and how it is related to Alibaba. Let’s get to know how to create an account on the 1688 marketplace.

How to create an account in 1688?

To start dropshipping with 1688, you have to register as you did on AliExpress. The site is available in the Chinese language, but you can Google translate it into English.
Go to the website and click on the register button to go on the registration page. Click on agree, and to create an account, provide the following details-

  • Username
  • Login Password
  • Password Confirmation
  • Phone Number

Once you have filled these necessary fields, prove that you are not a robot. Then read the agreement statements and hit the tab with ‘agree to register.’ The next page will ask for a 6-digit verification code; click on the submit button to proceed further.

Complete your profile by filling in the name, gender, company name, membership type, the purpose of joining, business model, etc. Save the details and start with your dropshipping business.
After completing the registration process, let’s further learn how to place an order on 1688.

How to place an order on the 1688 marketplace?

It is effortless to place an order on the 1688 marketplace. You can talk to the supplier or manufacturer before placing the order. Compare the overall cost of the product, including the shipping cost. Discuss everything regarding the product availability, shipping times, product quality, and details regarding the delays or cancellations. You can also engage a virtual assistant who is well acquainted with the Chinese language to help communicate.

Why is a good choice for dropshipping?

The reasons to opt 1688 for dropshipping includes-

  • Low prices
  • Direct access to factory owners and wholesalers.
  • Less competition in 1688 due to language barriers and low awareness.

How is CedCommerce helpful?

CedCommerce has launched an extension to make the dropshipping business effortless. Import any products from 1688 to WooCommerce using OT keys via 1688 importer for WooCommerce. The automated features of the importer include-

  1. Set product prices according to the filter, check the quantities available using the keywords.
  2. Filter the products based on categories.
  3. Set the prices of your products by a fixed amount or percentage.
  4. Import products by using other filters.
  5. The conditions required for the extension are displayed with the current status.
  6. Our experts are available 24*5 to solve your queries.

Thus automate your stores now and leverage dropshipping with the 1688 marketplace.

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