Your complete guide to sell on Google Express via Shopping Actions


Google Shopping Actions is generating a lot of attention in the eCommerce industry today. Catering shoppers with immediate shopping actions, the Google shopping Actions program is helping sellers with improved ROI (Return On Investment), and expanded customer-base.


Here’s everything you must know about how to sell on Google Shopping Actions, its working, and eligibility.  


What is Google Shopping Actions?


On March 19, 2018, Google commenced the all NEW Google Shopping Actions program. Thus, bringing a major transmutation in the eCommerce landscape for all the retailers out there by surfacing their products on Google platforms like, Assistant, and Express.

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Comprehended with Google Express, Google Search, and Google Assistant, the Google Shopping Actions program has left no stone unturned in maximizing the conversion rates of merchants.


That being said, the Google Shopping Actions program caters merchants with a universal shopping cart and a Google-hosted checkout flow. Hence, making it easier for shoppers to witness the frictionless shopping experience from anywhere, anyhow, and anytime.  


Google Shopping Actions enables your customers with a seamless shopping experience!


Above all, listing your products on Google Shopping Actions leverages you with increased customer engagement and loyalty.


Let us take it this way, shopper Salina can search for a hair conditioner, see a sponsored listing for Tresemme brand hair conditioner from Best Buy, and add it to Google Express cart. Later, in her cabin, she can reorder a moisturizer through voice, add it to the same cart using Google Home, and purchase all items at once via Google-hosted checkout flow.


Thus, the advent of Google Shopping Actions leverages shoppers to directly check out products on Google, without the need to be redirected to the merchant’s website.


The checkouts are further simplified by fewer click and a single cart across all Google platforms. With quicker, streamlined checkouts and seamless shopping experience, the Google Shopping Actions program is a must for any retailer to outrank his eCommerce venture today.


Let’s dive deeper into Google Shopping Actions!


How to get started with Google Shopping Actions?


Once you have successfully verified your URL and uploaded the products at the Merchant Center– head to the Google’s Shopping Actions page and fill in the details.


Key Takeaway:


Upon successful approval by Google, you are ready to initiate onboarding on Shopping Actions. CedCommerce developed an automated solution thus simplifying the onboarding process and ongoing management of your Shopping Actions presence.


The Google Merchant Center as shown below gives you access to ample features such as sales rates, defect rates, lost sales, fill rates, rejections, score history metrics, and much more.


Merchant Center acts as the central admin portal, which manages your business information, shipping, and sales tax policies. All your product and inventory data needs to be integrated into Merchant Center.


After the real-time syncing of your product data, you next hop onto the order testing. All your order testing is done through orders API which keeps a real-time check on your order tracking, cancellations, returns, and refunds.


How do Google Shopping Actions work?


Google Shopping Actions aids shoppers with multiple ways to shop products from your store or warehouse using Google Express, Google Search or Google Assistant. For example, they can use their voice to add wipes to their shopping cart while in the office, and later add deodorant to their Google Express cart on their phone. Besides, they can complete the transaction through their Google Express account anytime later.


Here is a glimpse of the trio platforms supported by Google Shopping Actions:


-Google Express


Google Express is an on-demand home delivery online shopping website (marketplace) which helps retailers in expanding the outreach of their products.


Unlike other marketplaces, Google Express leverages shoppers with the one-step checkout process. Thus, providing them a quicker shopping experience.


Besides, Google Express also caters shoppers with free delivery once they meet the stores’ minimum.


That being said, retailers can leverage the automated integration solution offered by CedCommerce and win more loyal customers to their products. The integration extension leverages you with some of its splendid features:


Automated listing and syncing of products,

Bulk Upload of products,

Centralized Order management, and more.


Focus on retailer branding


Google has effectually focussed over the retailer branding of individual merchants.

From the stores’ directory, branded storefront, checkouts, product listings to the featured stores’ section of the homepage, the shopper always pays heed to the retailer they are purchasing from.


Google Express can be found on the desktop:

In case you are looking for Google Express on mobile, it can be found on: Google Express Android app / Google Express iOS app


Search on Google


There is no denying the fact that Google acquires billions of searches per day. Being the first and favorite shopping halt of the U.S. shoppers, they tend to instantly buy or discover your products with Google Shopping Actions.


The Voice Search- Google Assistant


While proclaiming the Google Shopping Actions program, Google recorded a sudden increase in the “where to buy” search queries by 85% in the past three years. That being said, the percentage of consumers using voice-activated speaker rose to 44% as per the sources from Google.


No matter wherever your shoppers are, all they need to command is “Ok Google!” or “Hey  Google!” over their smartphone, tablets or even on their desktop. Isn’t that exciting?


Google Assistant is revolutionizing the shopping experience which must be embraced by eCommerce store owners.


Perks of Google Shopping Actions

Surface your products on multiple Google platforms at once:


How about maximizing the outreach of your products and growing your brand value?

Surfacing your products on, Google Assistant, and Google Express the Google Shopping Actions program brings your products across multiple Google platforms.


Pay only when you make a sale


Unlike other shopping models, you do not pay per click or action rather Google Shopping Actions urge you to pay a certain commission once you make a sale.


Increased loyalty of customers:


The following features under the  Google Shopping Actions program- Personalised recommendations, 1-click re-ordering, and basket building have shown a significant record in converting one-time shoppers into loyal customers.  


Win the affinity buy box


How about winning the Shopping Actions buy box? Well, here’s the secret- Based on shipping speed, price, inventory location, and retailers’ selling performance Google awards the buy box to retailers.


Besides, if a shopper has successfully made a purchase and is looking for the products offered by the same merchant then Google automatically weighs “affinity” when awarding them with the buy box.


Curate eMail lists

Whilst the checkout process, Google prompts your customer to sign up for your email list. Thus, delivering you the access of your customer details. Which means you can shoot out promotional emails to your customers who can further redirect to your website.  

Are you eligible for Google Shopping Actions?


Google’s only motive attached to the Google Shopping Actions program is to make online shopping easier and quicker. Keeping the same in mind, here’s the thing:


First and foremost, your product catalogs must include products in approved categories.


The transit time of products must not exceed 10 days for a retailer to be eligible for Google shopping Actions.


Also, Google Shopping Actions holds retailers to a maximum product handling time of four days. On defects to this policy, your products will not be shown on Google Express or other Google platforms and orders may be cancelled by Google.  


Google may automatically cancel orders which are not shipped within three days of your handling time.


In the end, retailers must provide a tracking number to their customers within a day of shipment. Below is a list of all the supported carriers:


Quality Score

Every retailer receives a quality score on the first day of every month within the Google Merchant Center. This score is based on data from past 90 days, which won’t be visible to your customers, but will impact your campaign in some ways.


-Top retailers are the ones with defect rate as less than 2%.

-Those retailers whose defect rate lie in the 2-10% are further categorised at standard retailers.  

-Perhaps, the ones with a defect rates lesser than 10% are categorised under below standards.


To sum up…


The Google Shopping Actions program undoubtedly is the game changer for your eCommerce venture. Helping shoppers with easy, frictionless checkout experience, many retailers participating in the program reported an increase in the number of orders and the average basket size. Having known it all, when are you getting started with Google Shopping Actions?  

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