5 Things Online Sellers Must Know about Amazon Netherland Launch
How To Sell On Amazon Netherland – A Safe Haven For Nordic Sellers to Build and Scale Their Business Online

How To Sell On Amazon Netherland – A Safe Haven For Nordic Sellers to Build and Scale Their Business Online


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On March 10th, Amazon launched its full-fledged online marketplace in the Netherlands (Amazon.nl). The Amazon Netherlands launch turned out to be quite spectacular as Amazon offered a massive range of more than 100 million products across 30 categories. This news has been creating a massive buzz among the eCommerce community in Europe, especially in the Dutch and Nordic countries.

Our Experts have closely studied the launch of Amazon in Netherland, both from the perspective of online customers & sellers. If you directly want to skip to the section on how to sell on Amazon Netherlands, then click here to scroll to that specific section. Otherwise, continue reading to understand the full picture.

Here are the 5 things you must know about the Amazon Netherland launch and how it is going to affect eCommerce in Netherlands.

5 things Amazon Netherland Launch eCommerce

5 Things Online Sellers Must Know About Amazon Netherland Launch:

1. Product Pricing Will Be Slashed:

We all know that Amazon is the leading online retailer in the world, and its introduction to Netherland eCommerce will definitely result in redefining the way eCommerce is perceived in the region.

Amazon has made it quite clear that it will eye for capturing the maximum market share in the Netherlands. The launch of 100 million products and 30 categories is the witness to it. The next thing Amazon will do is slash down the prices of the products, thus attracting customers from other marketplaces (like Bol.com & Zalando) to Amazon.

How to sell on Amazon Netherland - will cut the online shopping price

Our experts believe that to refrain Amazon from capturing the significant market share, other marketplaces in the Netherlands will also reduce product pricing.

Both scenarios are quite favorable for customers as they will enjoy huge discounts in the coming months.

How is this good for the online sellers in Netherland? Well, sellers are going to benefit from this as they are getting a massive influx of potential buyers. Although winning the buy box might be difficult due to competitive pricing, but the pros outweigh cons as online sellers from the Netherlands are getting a chance to list their products on a global platform.

2. eCommerce in Netherland will Boost:

Until now, 71% of online customers in the Netherlands prefer local retailers. While the major parts of the remaining customers chose to shop from other European Amazon websites, including in France, German, and the United Kingdom.

But this is going to change with the launch of Amazon in the Netherlands – as major outgoing traffic will be diverted here. This is will be quite fruitful in terms of Dutch eCommerce as the overall revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 5.6%, resulting in a market volume of US$19,846m by 2024. (Source: Statista).

Amazon Netherland Launch

And the good news does not end here!! The Dutch business and financial news television channel RTL Z has announced that Amazon is planning to expand its Dutch headquarters with the introduction of 400 new employees by the end of 2020.

This will serve as a boost for both Amazon.nl and eCommerce in Netherland.

3. High Streets will Suffer as the Shopping trends will shift Online:

One of the most significant impacts of the Amazon Netherlands launch will be observed in the traditional way of shopping, the high streets.

The launch of a global online shopping marketplace will deflect customers from traditional retail stores to online shopping. As of now, 96% of 17 million Dutch natives are internet users, and in no time, the customer’s preference will shift towards online shopping.

How to sell on Amazon Netherlands

So if you are a retailer in the Netherlands, now is the best time to take your business online.

The traffic for customers on Bol.com will also take a severe hit as Amazon Netherlands would gulp a lot of customers in the area. So sellers who are selling on Bol.com are advised to start considering Amazon as their alternative stop.

Do you know that you can sell the same products on Amazon and Bol.com simultaneously? Learn How

4. A Great Opportunity For Brand Building & Awareness:

The Launch of Amazon in the Netherlands is similar to the cherry on the pie for online sellers as they are getting a golden opportunity to display their brand on the world’s largest shopping stage.

This launch can also be a key to reach out to a broader audience and cover a larger geographical area. With Amazon, it’s easily possible as we all are quite familiar with the capabilities of the Amazon marketplace.

Build Your Brand with the by selling on Amazon Netherland

Amazon has not disappointed any type of seller as it has introduced 30 categories to sell products. So irrespective of what product you are selling, you can efficiently capitalize on this opportunity.

For new sellers, Amazon Netherlands can turn out to be a perfect head start that can set everything in motion.

The stage is set up; the audience is already here; all you have to do is Begin. Start selling on Amazon Netherlands Today.

5. Opens Up Multiple Cross Border Selling Opportunities:

The Amazon Netherlands launch has opened up a whole new source of revenue for online sellers – ie, Cross border eCommerce.

Yes, you heard it right!!!

Amazon Netherland Launch affect the cross border eCommerce


Experts predict that the Amazon Netherlands Launch will attract a huge lump of customers from neighboring countries like Belgium, Denmark, and the Nordics.

Currently, customers from such countries shop from Amazon France, but with the introduction of Amazon Netherlands, they will switch to save the delivery and shipping costs.

As an online seller, if you are looking to establish your business cross borders, then Amazon Netherlands is an ideal place to begin.

Amazon vs. Bol.com – The Race for the Top Online Marketplace in Netherland

It’s a fact that Bol.com has been the most stable and favorite online shopping website for Dutch customers. But can Bol.com remain on the top after the launch of Amazon in the Netherlands?

Amazon vs Bol.com - top marketplace in Netherland

These 3 key points will let you decide the winner of the top online marketplace in Netherland- Amazon vs. Bol.com:

  1. Bol.com does trail by Amazon in terms of the product catalog size (by 4 times), BUT they do have 9 million customers in the region.
  2. After Netherland, Amazon is planning to expand to Belgium, and so is Bol.com. Bol.com has already laid the foundations for this move.
  3. Bol.com already has an alternative to tussle with the Amazon Prime solution as they have their very own Select program. Bol Select is just €9.99 per year compared to around Amazon Prime, which costs around €36 annually.

The pattern of Amazon is almost quite the same. Amazon is targeting customers from the top regional marketplace, which in the case of the Netherlands, is Bol.com.


Image Source: Pattern.com

Since Amazon has declared a clear fight with Bol.com, they have to come up with a strong comeback, and until now, Bol.com seems quite well prepared.

Let’s move on to the last segment of this blog, ie. how to sell on Amazon Netherland.

How to sell on Amazon Netherland?

To sell on Amazon Netherland follow these:

  1. Go To Amazon Seller Central Europe
  2. Sign Up for a Seller Account
  3. Choose your source marketplace as Amazon.nl
  4. Choose an Individual or Professional selling plan (based on your requirements)
  5. Provide other necessary details and bank account details.
  6. Start Uploading Products
  7. Choose for Fulfillment By Amazon (optional)
  8. Start Selling on Amazon Netherland.

We are not done yet.

Setting up an online shop on Amazon Netherlands is the easier part. The real deal is getting more sales, visibility and staying on top of other sellers. 

Here are a few expert tips to sell on Amazon Netherlands Marketplace:

Tips To Sell On Amazon Netherlands Marketplace:

Tip 1: Focus on the most selling items:

The dutch eCommerce is largely popular for clothing and fashion. Also, there’s a huge demand for household goods and appliances. Experts believe if you include these product categories, you’ll surely get a headstart to the selling campaign on Amazon Netherlands.

Learn more on what are the top-selling products and categories on Amazon 

Tip 2: Include Amazon A+ Content in your product description:

Visibility is the first step toward sales. Product visibility leads to brand awareness, which in turn leads to winning customer’s trust and eventually the sale. And the best way to gain product visibility on Amazon is the Amazon A+ content. This innovative feature increases sales by improving the conversion ratio on an average of three to ten percent. To learn more about Amazon A+ content – click here

Tip 3: Opt for the Amazon FBA program:

As a seller on Amazon, your primary focus must always be towards increasing sales. You need to always keep your foot on the gas pedal and aim to gain more customers. You must not involve your valuable time in the after-sales process less such as delivery and fulfillment. Luckily Amazon provides a full-fledged delivery and fulfillment program which takes care of all the activities involved after-sales hence allowing you to remain focused on the more pressing concerns.

Tip 4: Focus on getting 5-star reviews from your customers:

The major factor that transforms a visitor into a customer is customer reviews. The reason why you must stress on getting positive feedback is that not only it adds value to the listed product but also enhances your reputation as a seller on Amazon. So try and get in touch with your existing customers and ask for the positive feedback. The more 5 stars on your products the greater are the chance of successful purchase. Learn how to get 5-star reviews on Amazon

Tip 5: Get assistance from an Automated eCommerce tool to sell: 

Manually managing everything on Amazon often leads to some uninvited errors. For sellers who are not bound to a single platform for selling, the simultaneous management of multi-channels often leads to catastrophic errors. To avoid such mishappenings, an automated eCommerce integration solution for Amazon is the perfect tool. This tool allows bulk product management via a centralized dashboard that makes it easier to claim the buy box on Amazon. You can easily avoid overselling on Amazon with real-time synchronization of orders, products, and other details.

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By Launching a complete online marketplace in the Netherlands, Amazon has introduced its sixth country-dedicated platform in Europe. This launch shows that Amazon is quite proactive in expanding its roots in European online marketplaces.

Lets once again go through all 5 conclusions for the launch of Amazon Netherlands:

  1. The online product pricing will be slashed
  2. eCommerce in the Netherlands will Boost
  3. High Streets will suffer as the shopping trends will migrate to online
  4. Opportunity For Brand Building & Awareness for online sellers in the Netherlands
  5. Open Up Multiple Cross Border Selling Opportunities
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