easily import products to Shopify

Syncing Marketplace products with Shopify store to sell independently has become simpler through CSV ( a tabular format to store the Product details).

Wondering how?

The Omni Importer by CedCommerce has an inbuilt feature to upload your CSV and map the attribute fields of your Marketplace with the Shopify attributes.


How does this feature benefit?

This feature has been introduced to ensure flexibility in Product Information ( Title, Description, Tags, etc) Mapping for Shopify sellers. The CSV Mapping feature helps the sellers to import the bulk of products and map them either as desired (default) or according to the Marketplace from which the products are being imported (choose the Marketplace from the dropdown in this case).


How does it work?

The Omni Importer fetches the CSV details and provides to link the attributes according to the selected Marketplace. The attributes of the Shopify store are already synced & present in the app.


How to use this feature?

Steps to get products imported into seller’s Shopify store:

1) Go to the Import/Upload section.

2) In Manage Products, click on Have.CSV.

3) Click on Upload New CSV.

4) Tap on Edit Mapping ( to link Marketplace attributes to Shopify attributes).

5) Click on Import.


Kindly refer to the screenshot given below:

easily import products to Shopify


Kindly go to the “Need help” section in case of any inconvenience. The following form will appear-

shopify store



You can enter the Marketplace of your choice & write to us the problem that you face. You can even submit a request to get this feature customized for a marketplace that is not yet covered by us in regard to this feature.



Other benefits of this feature:

1) It helps you to personalize your attribute mapping process.

2) It provides you to properly match Shopify attributes with the Marketplace attributes.

3) It helps to avoid problems while importing products to Shopify.



More About Omni Importer:


The Omni Importer by CedCommerce is a solution that helps sellers to build their brand. Omni Importers enables the product import from various Marketplace & uploads the same on Shopify.

Following features of the Omni Importer are noteworthy:

1. Facility of currency conversion: On importing products, our App provides you to convert currency as suitable to your customers.


2.Inventory & Price Syncing: Inventory and price of all the products get synced from the selected marketplace to your store on a daily basis. 


3.Various Collections to choose from: Sellers have full liberty to select the collections for their products to list on your store.


4.Multiple Warehouse Support: It is easy for the seller to upload products and set their inventory to a given warehouse depending on the product.


CedCommerce has designed the Omni Importer to fetch products from the following Marketplaces to Shopify:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Walmart



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