A Complete Guide On Online Christmas Shopping
A Guide On How Sellers Can Benefit From Online Christmas Shopping

A Guide On How Sellers Can Benefit From Online Christmas Shopping


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Do you know that the Saturday before Christmas is the Busiest Shopping Day of the Year!!

I can understand what’s going on through your mind. You must be thinking that amongst so many online shopping events like Black Friday, 12.12, and Cyber Monday people wait this long for Christmas Shopping.

In fact, a report from the NRF concludes that 12% of shoppers in the UK prefer doing Christmas Shopping in the last week before Christmas.

Christmas is a festival that people all around the world every year desperately wait for. There are various shoppers who save money all year for the Christmas Holiday Shopping.

The Graph Below Shows the percentage of increase in Christmas sales every year. Since 2009 we are experiencing a gradual increase every year.

percentage of increase in christmas sales

source: Statistica

Let’s begin with analyzing various types of customer demands that arise while the Christmas season.

Analyze The Customer Demands This Christmas Season

This Christmas Season, as a seller you need to be very sure which type of customer demands you need to meet. There are three broad categories in which customer demands can be divided. It’s advisable to target any one of these categories. 

These customer demands can be categorized as:

  1. Fad Demands:
    These product demands are very short time demands that come with a blast and last very soon. These could not be easily forecasted as they start trending at a random rate. For Example:
    A Fidget Spinner came in trend last year around Christmas holidays and lost its popularity in a few months.
    Fidget spinner demands in the past year
    These demands start trending in a flash. You just need to act quickly or in no time they go out of craze and you will be left with nothing but regret. Fad demands last up to a year maximum.
    From a sellers’ perspective, Fads are an easy way to earn a lot of money in a short period of time.
  2. Trending Demands: These product demands are similar to infatuation. They arise because of some need and become a short-lived desire that sticks around for a little while.
    For Example: 
    The Pokemon Go Game was released in July 2016. There was a huge buzz all around the world and it engulfed almost every mobile phone users. We are at the end of 2018 now and how many people still remember Pokemon Go?
    These Trending Demands stick around for a little while, but ultimately they last in 3 to 4 years, tops. As a seller, you have to be aware when the trend is fading and very subtly need to get rid of all the products soon.
  3. Evergreen Demands: These demands are a result of a basic need or a tradition that is being carried out from years. These are long-lasting demands and they grow into a stable market that lasts forever.
    For Example:
    Christmas Decorations are an annual demand that arises every year during the month of December. The stats from Google Trends explains the evergreen demand for Christmas decoration around this time of year.
    Christmas Decoration Statistics per year
    You know what the best part of these demands is??
    These never actually go out of style because consumer demand continues to build over time. A seller can always count on this as this will never disappoint you.

Why Is Christmas Shopping Beneficial For Online Sellers?

Christmas shopping had been a magnificent source for sellers to earn over years. Since Christmas is the only festival that is celebrated in each an every corner of the world so anyone can benefit from this merry festival.

An average shopper spends more than a $100 on themselves during Christmas Shopping.

We live in a technologically advanced era where people prefer shopping online rather than doing it the traditional way. 

Customers are constantly migrating towards online shopping. These online shopping stats depict the increase in the worldwide ecommerce market. 

Increse in worldwide ecommerce market

Source: Statista

So if you are still selling traditionally, Christmas is the best time to upgrade your Selling Strategy. By doing so you can receive additional benefits from online sales.

All you need to do is Set Up your store on an online marketplace like Amazon and Walmart and never miss a single customer.

Deloitte’s 32nd annual holiday survey has revealed more than half (51%) of holiday shoppers expect their budget to be spent online.

stats on christmas sales

Now it’s time to move on to how to increase your online Christmas sales this year.

Tips To Increase Your Online Christmas Sales

Planning to boost your online Christmas sales is not an easy job. You have thousands of other sellers in your competition. Well, let me make this easy for you.

Here is a list of a few smart tricks that will help you make money this Christmas Season:

Decorate Your Online Store

Christmas is all about celebrations and festive spirit. Your website is the first things that a customer notices while shopping. You need to be very sure that your ecommerce website is attractive and attention fetching.

christmas theme for website

Source Shopify.com

Your website must reflect a sense of festivity that your customers can not say no to. You need to lure your customers to your website and make them ascend on to the product page.

Work On Promotions:

Consider that You are selling a product at the most affordable price but how will your customers know about it?


Selling the product isn’t quite enough. You need to plan a promotional campaign about Christmas sale and the best tool to do so is social media.

According to a report by Crowdtap, 67 % of consumers have purchased a gift they saw on social media.

Start your social media campaign a few weeks before Christmas on Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also give out discount vouchers to customers visiting your social media posts. This is one of the effective strategies as by doing so you ensured that the customer will at least once visit your website.

sample christmas vouchers offer

Source: jumiablogger

You can also opt for Email marketing as according to a report by Experian 55 percent of brands prefer Email as the top holiday marketing channel. To send emails in bulks, tools like MailChimp can prove beneficial.

You must never leave out Facebook From your Promotion campaign because:

A report from Crowdtap shows that – “39.3 percent of consumers say Facebook has influenced them to buy.”

Christmas Gifts: Something A Customer Can Never Decline 

Now, this is the most important part of Christmas celebrations. Giving gifts is the oldest Christmas tradition, something that no one can decline.

This is a search result from Google Trends Showing the Importance of gifts during this time of the year:gifts christmas season

To attain maximum benefits as a seller you need to capitalize this opportunity. Ensure that every customer that visits your website do not leave empty-handed.

Along with the products you sell, just add a section on your website especially for Christmas Gifts. Use some beautiful infographics so it might look unique.

This is a report By Statista that explains the amount of money spent per person to buy Christmas Gifts.

per person expenditure on christmas gifts

source: Stastista

Around $800 is spent per person, so you can realize the significance of adding gifts to your online store during this time of the year. Don’t plan on stacking your inventory with just gifts because after 25th of this month you might not find it much useful.

You need to analyze the age group of your audience and add the gifts accordingly.

What can you add in your Gift Section?

Chocolate is the best gift as it is accepted by both adults and teenagers. Chocolate can also be termed as a complimentary gift which can be added along with any other gift. So, do not forget to add a section of delicious chocolates that makes your customers’ mouth water.

Secondly, you can offer Christmas Gift Cards. A gift card is one of the most common gifts as it reflects the gratitude of a person. Mostly, all the customers prefer buying gift cards so why not you become the source?

The third most common gift that people prefer around holidays is books and magazines. You can enlist the latest bestsellers and hence increase your sales

Toys are also a considerable option while Christmas shopping. Get hold of the most trending toys of the season and you can make an additional benefit.

Toys are bought by 42% of all shoppers.

Christmas  Decorations:

Now we come to another important aspect of Christmas Shopping, Christmas Decorations.


Christmas won’t feel merry unless there are decorations. Every household big or small, rich or poor, rural or urban uses Christmas decorations to light up the festive mood.

According to a survey by wearetop10, Consumers spend an average of $200 each on decorations each Christmas season

So, my advice would be that in the gift section of your eCommerce website, include decorations and lit up the whole town with Christmas Decorations.

Accept Various Paying Methods:

Customers can turn out to be very choosy when it comes to payment methods. There even comes a scenario when a customer chooses to leave out the cart empty if their preferred payment method is not available.

All types of card payment like Credit cards, Debit Cards, Visa Card etc must be allowed by your website.

According to a survey in the USA, 55% customers prefer to pay using the Credit card for Christmas Shopping

Ensure that all the required payments options are embedded in your website. You must be comfortable with cash on delivery also because a mass number of customers wish to see the goods before payment.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly:

This is just a reminder. Try to make your website Mobile friendly because the maximum purchase is done using a mobile device.

According to a survey by OuterBox, 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months

People who are redirected to your website via social media posts are generally mobile phone users and you should never disappoint them.

Include Gift Wrapping Station:

This Christmas season, try to provide your customers with end to end solutions. Not only let them decide the gift but also offer free gift wrapping to attract them.

This will ease your customers as all their hard work is taken care of at a single place and on the bright side, it will double your profit.Christmas gift wrapping station

You are simply offering your customers to leave the stress about gift wrapping and concentrate on other pressing concerns.

Work On Brand Development

Since Christmas is the last holiday of the season, now you have to focus on the things to come ahead. You need to plan the whole next year and how are you going to enhance your sales in 2019.

Work on customer retention techniques, as you must be welcoming unique customers during Christmas Sale. You have to retain those customers and make them permanent. A simple way of doing so is to add a few discount vouchers or make them a member of your community by giving them a shopping card that may avail the discount for future.

Collectively all these activities will prove helpful for Brand Development.

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The Biggest festival of the Year is on our doorsteps and as a seller, it becomes our responsibility to realize the significance of this eCommerce opportunity and work with a planned campaign. We must ensure to Analyze all types of customer demands and plan accordingly.

So, This Christmas,  Plan to sell through the best possible eCommerce channels and switch to the most optimum way of online selling.

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