Google Merchant Center
Google Merchant Center Revamped with Seller Friendly Features

Google Merchant Center Revamped with Seller Friendly Features


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The recent update in the Google Merchant Center user interface has revamped it to an intuitive and easy to manage dashboard. It is updated with lots of exciting features for Google Express sellers. Sellers can easily manage the store and save time with the recent update in Google Merchant Center Account.

Let’s dive in details of each one by one.

Once you login to Google express seller account aka Google Merchant Center, you see all features listed as Manage Programs under Growth menu in the navigation menu on the left side.

Surface Across Google

Google Shopping Actions US is open for Merchants in India and Canada: Start selling cross-border to customers in the US, from either India or Canada without any fuss, right away.

Sellers can boost product visibility with the Surface Across Google feature. It allows products to be displayed on various Google platforms (especially in the form of rich product results on Google Images and on Google search).

Google Merchant Center

However, this service is currently available for Google merchant from USA and India

How to get your products to show up on surfaces of Google

If you have an existing feed in your Google Merchant Center Account then, you are automatically eligible to display your products on all Google platforms. Follow these instructions.

Don’t Worry if you don’t have an existing feed. You can still get your products displayed

All you need is to use the ‘canonical link attribute.’ It tells Google that you want products canonical link in web search rather than the value submitted for link attribute.

Benefit: Reach the same customers looking for your products multiple times via multiple platforms. It multiplies the chances of selling your product.

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Shopping ads

Google enables sellers to promote products with images, prices, along with product details on Google. It is easy and can be done by submitting product data via Merchant Center and leverage Google Ads for creation of Shopping Campaigns.

Google Merchant Center

Benefit: Stand out from Competitors and get your product to appear at the top of search results. The higher your product appears, customers notice your products before your competitors.

Dynamic Remarketing

Now, Google Merchant Center allows you to reapproach your most potential customers (those customers who visited your website). These are the ones who are most likely to buy products as they have visited your website once before.

Dynamic remarketing in your Google Merchant Center Account plays a vital role in turning the interest of the customer into conversion. Therefore, you should customize these ads based on using that product information which is more likely to convince the visitor towards product purchase.

Google Merchant Center

How to do Dynamic Remarketing for your products

Submit the product data using the Google Merchant Center.

Create a dynamic remarketing campaign. Here is how to do it.

If products submitted for Shopping Ads.  After that, you can use it for the dynamic remarketing campaign.

Once you enable the item reporting status (for dynamic retargeting products), It makes  item status overview graph for display destination on the Home page and Product List page.

How to ensure successful dynamic remarketing

Your Google Express seller account must comply with Google Ads policies. Dynamic remarketing campaigns must adhere to personalized advertising policies mentioned in the Google Merchant Center.

However, you face any issues during dynamic retargeting, then find the solution here.

Benefit: Increase your sales by reaching out to your most potential customers with personalized Ads. These customers are interested in the products, but haven’t purchased due to some unknown reason.

Customer Reviews

Another impressive feature in Google Express seller account is Customer Review. Above all, the role of customer reviews is vital in any scenario. Therefore, customer reviews increase the conversion rate up to 3X.

Google Express Customer Review

You can use Google Customer Reviews provided;  order confirmation page must be a part of your checkout flow and adhere to the below requirements.

  • It should be possible for you to add JavaScript code to your website.
  • The order confirmation page must have HTTPS in the URL.
  • If your website redirects the customer to the third party domain during the checkout process, then ensure customers get redirected back to your website on order confirmation page.

CedCommerce is Trusted Integration Partner of Google Shopping Actions.

Some more technical requirements you are supposed to follow as below

  • Provide Google the valid GTINs of every order (if GTIN data is available)
  • Add JavaScript code in the order confirmation page. As a result, it allows Google to collect GTIN data from customers interested in receiving Google Customer Reviews survey.

Google Merchant Center

It is recommended to be thorough with Google Customer Reviews policy. Above all, it helps in maintaining your brand and Google’s integrity.

Local inventory ads

Local inventory ads are one of the most exciting features in your Google Express seller account. As a result, sellers with only physical stores can bring customers to their stores using these ads. It displays their products and store information to customers keen on buying products and are geographically closest to your store.

This way you can attract more sellers to create Google Merchant Center account.

Google Merchant Center

As a result, of clicking on local inventory ads, customers get redirected to the physical location of the store. 

As of now, sellers with a physical store in the below countries can avail the service from Google Merchant Center.













Google Merchant Center

Benefit: Local customers become aware of your physical store. As a result, the footfall in the store increases.

Merchant Promotions

This program under the Google Merchant Center helps you to make customers aware of various benefits upon purchasing from your store. In other words, customers can view promotions on Shopping ads in their Google Merchant Center Account.

Google Merchant Center

Enroll for the merchant promotions program here.

However, this program is currently available to sellers from








There have been some new updates, that I would like to share with you:


Automated feeds: Automated feed will be available starting this November. You can either opt for the Merchant Center your website for a schema structured product data and make an initial feed. You can supplemental feed if you wish to add more details to it.

Automatic image improvements: If your product images include promotional texts or things which are very necessary, then through this the image will be automatically improved.

Multi-country feed: Previously, in 2017, it was only available in 37 countries but now it is available for a total of 95 countries. You don’t have to reupload your feed every time you want your product ads to be shown in the same language speaking country. For example, German product information can show automatically in other German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland when you set up your shipping and location targeting for those countries in your Shopping campaigns.

Am I eligible for Merchant Promotions Program

Yes, provided your promotion program follow below criterion.

  • Strictly adhere to merchant promotion policies and editorial requirements.
  • Promotion should be redeemable during checkout or time of purchase.
  • Your promotion should not last for more than 183 days from the start date.

As a result, you will qualify for Merchant Promotions program.

Below are guidelines for types of promotion eligible and not eligible.


Google Merchant Center

Not Allowed

 Google Merchant Center

Benefit: you can have up to 500 open promotion at one point in time.

Product Ratings

The Last program in Google Merchant Center but not least, you can use it to to manipulate customer decision to buy your product with Product Ratings program. Using this program in your Google express seller account, you can display ratings for Shopping Ads and product listings.

Google Merchant Center

Am I Eligible for Product Ratings Program

Eligibility depends on to the following points.

  • You must link your Google Merchant Center account with the online store.
  • Import product reviews feed, which is possible only if you have collected a minimum of 50 reviews, including all products.
  • Be in direct contact with product review aggregator for queries related to shipping product reviews.
  • Add extra lines of code to fetch you reviews about products as well as participate in Google Customer Reviews program.

This service is limited to Google Shopping merchants. Therefore, It is available in countries where shopping ads are displayed.


In conclusion, all these essential features make Google Merchant Center easy to operate. These updates are focused on enhancing customer experience and eventually uplift sales. As a result of updates in Google express seller account, you can efficiently implement the best strategy for product promotion.

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