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Google has done a great deal of work to channelise product advertisements and the multi-vendor selling on its platform. This resulted in the emergence of Shopping Ads, Shopping Actions and Google Express App. As a seller, it is worth knowing how do these popular platforms perform.

This will help you choose among Shopping Ads, Shopping Actions and Google Express App that is apt for your idea of business.


Let’s take one by one


What is Google Shopping Ads?


Google express app

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Several times while browsing internet you would have seen Google Shopping Ads.  These ads appear based on your search query. This is exactly the Google Shopping Ads. The high-end product images used in these ads. This makes the ads productive and appealing. It leads to more traffic and high ROI.


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When do Shopping Ads perform well?

Upload the latest product data and submit full inventory to boost the rate of product appearance. The seller will pay upon the cost per click basis.

A simple Google Merchant Center account will be helpful to create shopping feed with all the  products listed on the store. After this seller will be able leverage Google Shopping Ads benefits


Google Shopping Ads account for one-fifth of  retail paid search clicks


What is Google Shopping Actions?

Google express app

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Google shopping actions evolved as a result of Google efforts to ensure user-centered shopping approach. It came into action during 2012 with diversified online selling channels.

   Enables the Customers to buy products from Google Search, Google Express, and Google’s voice assistant.

It empowers online sellers to display ads on multiple platforms.  This boost the rate of conversion by several times. According to Google, Customers will adore and approach Google Shopping Actions.

The reason being ease of shopping on behalf of fewer clicks for checkout. An advantage for sellers is product return and customer support is managed by Google. Seller will pay only after the sale.

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Google leveraged AI and machine learning for personalised shopping experience on its Google Express app. The Google Express app is bundled with customer oriented features for better business and more customer loyalty.

Google has hinted about the inclusion of local ads and adding features to let the customer pick up products from the offline store in the upcoming version of Google Express app.


What is Google Express?

google express app

Image Credit: Google


Google launched its e-commerce marketplace to amaze the customers with super fast delivery


This online shopping service owned by Google that serves almost the entire USA. customers can make a purchase using the Google Express App or website or via Google Home Voice assistant.

Don’t be surprised if you find the product price different from the store, this could be due to store location from where the product will be shipped.

A customer need not be redirected to 3rd party website when shopping via Google.

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The Real Difference Lies Here

Google Express App


Let your E-commerce Store Stand Out and Sound Convincing, The Google Way

Who Wins the War of Trinity – Shopping Ads, Shopping Actions or Google Express

Either you run an e-commerce store or have the desire to start on, you should weigh the pros and cons of these three promising platforms.

Surprisingly, There is a tie, but being e-commerce experts of Southeast Asia we will decode it down to help you comprehend it completely, so you choose the best.


When to Choose Shopping Ads

  • If the seller wants to be at top of Google SERP and grab maximum attention
    Yes, it is true even before users see organic results, it is shopping ads that catch their attention. It is one of the major Google shopping ads benefits.
  • If the seller wants to boost the rate of engagement
    Among various Google Shopping Ads benefits, one is it allows the seller to add important product details. This includes price, reviews and more. The more information is displayed, the better it is to engage customers.


When to Choose Shopping Actions

  • If seller has a Budget Constraint
    If the budget is not really big then the cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) model won’t suit your financial feasibility. In such scenario, the cost-per-sale model by Shopping Actions will be a better option.
  • If seller wants to Gain Maximum Exposure
    It allows the seller to garner greater exposure for their products by displaying them at Google Express, Google Search and Google Assistant.
  • If Seller wants to earn Customer Loyalty
    Seller will be able to show only the relevant ads to customers as Google will share customer insights with the seller.


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When to go for Google Express

  • If the seller wants to ease and enhance the customer shopping experience
    Google Express makes it possible to shop products various online stores from all types of devices.
  • If local seller desire to expand business
    Integration of store on Google Express will give the business a boost. Integration is easy only need to upload product and inventory information.
  • If the seller is new in e-commerce
    Being on Google Express will help the seller. He will be trained for inventory management and order packing.
  • If the seller wants to give excellent customer service
    Google Express customer service is impeccable. Google support will handle every aspect of customer service on the seller behalf. Seller need not worry about facing embarrassing situation due to Google Express customer service.


google shopping actions

Google Express Customer Service is Second to None

Having said that, it is recommended to also, take into consideration the business model, objectives and accordingly go for the best option.


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