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Offering promotional prices for your items at Walmart is one of the best strategy to attract more visitors for your products. And Walmart also allows you to do that. There are two ways


1. Seller Center

2. API method.


For those selling manually through Walmart Seller Center, it’s a bit laborious as all of the work has to be performed manually. However, through API you can do it easily. The API method eases the degree of complexity involved with the manual process.


Nevertheless, lets take a look at “how to create promotional pricing in Walmart’s Seller Center”


1. As soon as you login to your seller center, click the Bulk Price Update button under the Items and Inventory tab on the left hand side of the navigation bar.


2. Click the Price and Promo Sec from the Download Spec. section. The spec get downloads to your section.


3. Now open the spec (in Excel Sheet Format) to fill out the required information.




4. Fill out all the concerning information.


Price fields: Use the two fields to update or change existing prices


SKU: The same information provided at the item setup time.

Price: The new price you want to offer.


Other Optional Fields you can provide to add various layers to your promotional pricing


  • Promo Status
  • Promo Price
  • Promo Start Date
  • Promo End Date
  • Promo Type
  • Promo Placement


Also, you can add up to 5 promotions by filling out the additional promotional columns.


5. Now, click validate fields under the Walmart Toolbar




6. Scrutinize your offer for errors, rectify them, save it and then upload the spec, either through dragging the file or, clicking through upload template button. Also choose the type of update you intend to provide – basic, promotional or both.




Also, you can track the information by visiting the Promo Feed on the Feed Status page.



It is by performing these activities you can add the promotional pricing for any items on Apart from this through second method i.e. through the API method you can easily perform the aforementioned activity. Follow the link to visit the API integrations, by the TRUSTED WALMART PARTNER – Walmart Marketplace Integration.


Thanks for your Interest!

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