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Bagging up 149 billion yuan sales in the first 12 hours of the 1111 sale. The Singles day sale or rather the lucky charm of all the sellers out there- 11.11 (11th November) turned out to be a huge success for all the Southeast Asian online emperors (sellers) once again.  


It was only a decade ago, when it was just a day of singles to celebrate their singledom. However, the Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba turned it into their nation’s version of Black Friday.


Wondering why is the 1111 sales event a.k.a. the singles’ day so sensational? Well, here it is- The breathtaking sales record from these Southeast Asian eCommerce tech-giants’ event has almost doubled up from Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US combined.


Speaking of sales record, the netizens helped Alibaba bag 213.5 billion yuan ($30.7 billion), forming a massive record even before festival season (here).

1111 sale

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Concluding the 10th Singles Day blockbuster sale event, Alibaba and other related tech-giants broke yet another record. With the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) rising 27% year over year to RMB 213.5 billion ($30.8 billion), leaving behind last year’s record of $25.3 billion.


Furthermore, reports suggest more than 1,80,000 brands took part. Besides the native and small eCommerce store owners also leveraged huge benefits in terms of capital.


Here is a quick go through of Singles’ day past years’ generated revenue (in dollars):

sale 1111

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What Netizens proclaimed about 1111 sale?


The 1111 sale day fever was on even before the clock ticked 12:00 and so did the netizens had their plans ready beforehand. In case you missed witnessing the hilarious experience, below we have captured some for you:

Some were seen recommending there favorite stuffs,


How eCommerce giants are helping online sellers earn more?


The 1111 sale was no doubt a massive success for all the tech-giants viz. Alibaba with its subsidiaries Lazada and Taobao, AliExpress, 11Street, Shopee, and many more.


Having crossed 1 billion yuan- $155 million GMV in the first 20 seconds and 10 billion yuan GMV in the next 2 minutes the 1111 sale event was a complete hit. Hence, propelling online sellers to sell even more and integrate their eCommerce stores with these marketplaces.


Are you an online seller and couldn’t make it this time? Well, well, there’s this good news- pull your finger out and get ready for the 12/12 sale lined up on December 12th.


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