Newegg-WooCommerce Integration

Newegg-WooCommerce Integration

An extremely effective extension that readily connects WooCommerce stores with Newegg and enables merchants to sell their products on Newegg. With it, integration of inventory, price, and product details between WooCommerce store and is easily achieved.

  • Validation: Product data validation.
  • Industries: Selecting desired categories/Industries.
  • Synchronization: Automatically synchronized requests.
  • Bulk Management: Upload products in bulk on Newegg
  • Import: Import orders & shipment.

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Latest Version: 1.0.0
Compatibility: WooCommerce 2.3.0 & above


One of the finest marketplaces, Newegg has been one of the most preferred choices for selling among the sellers. This is what inspired CedCommerce to develop a powerful Newegg WooCommerce Integration extension that lets sellers easily list their products on Newegg. The establishment of the harmonization of inventory, orders, and product data is smoothly done through this extension.

Sparkling Virtues of Newegg WooCommerce API Integration Extension

  • Synchronized Product Listing - For selling on Newegg from WooCommerce, products are required to be uploaded, this extension makes sure that all the product information remains updated on Newegg whenever any changes in quantity, price or other details remains are made in the store.
  • Mass Product Upload - Uploading product manually one by one is a cumbersome process. Therefore to list products in mass, the extension facilitates the mass uploading of products. Also, with it, products can be activated or deactivated on Newegg. Current version allows uploading Simple and Variable products on Newegg.
  • Rejected Products Error Information - Certain guidelines are provided for providing the product information if these guidelines are violated products can’t be uploaded on Newegg. With this extension, the error that caused it to get rejected gets listed in the upload product grid. Sellers can rectify the errors and can upload the products.
  • Order Management - The extension automatically, with the help of automatic requests, fetches the order from Newegg to WooCommerce stores and orders get acknowledged automatically after being imported.

Why You Can’t Miss the Bus!

Selling on any marketplace requires a robust solution which we offer. And with it we offer support which sellers crave for:

Personal Account Manager

Yes, a personal account manager/friendly developer who helps you successfully sell on Newegg. His job responsibilities include:

  • Makes you familiar with Newegg’s operations and processes.
  • Helps you configure the extension
  • Helps you upload product, and if required, can do it for you
  • Trains you through navigation Newegg WooCommerce integration extension until you get familiar 

Painstaking Support

  • Periodic upgrades of the extension whenever released by Newegg.
  • Periodic addition of NEW features to the extension
  • For any queries, dedicated support is just a mail away Click Here.
  • And if you want it right here right now, instant chat on Skype. The ID is live: cedcommerce.


    Before integrating your WOOCOMMERCE store with NEWEGG you need to have Access Keys which can be obtain after having a seller account on If you are new to it then you can create your account and get Access KEYs by referring our blog "How to get an api for Walmart marketplace"

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