Vendor CMS Addon

Vendor CMS Addon

Vendor CMS Addon by CedCommerce provides a feature to the vendors to customize  Vendor Shop Page with his Own Style, Layout and Contents.

  • Create Multiple Cms Pages, Static Blocks for Multiple Website and Store.

  • Customize the Layout of Vendor Shop page.

  • Add images, Links like Faq, Contact us, Privacy Policy, etc. to display on shop page.

  • Admin can enable/disable the module.

  • Admin can also view the list of all the CMS pages created by the vendor.

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Compatibility: Magento 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
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Vendor CMS Addon provides extensive features to Manage and Customize the entire vendor shop page. Vendor has the accessibility to change the layout, content, design etc. from the vendor panel by creating multiple CMS, Static Blocks with its own content and layout style. Vendor CMS Addon also facilitates the vendor to manage his/her pages on Multi store and Multi website view as per his/her requirement.

As soon as this addon is installed vendor could see the Manage Vendor CMS and Manage Static Block under Vendor CMS menu. After login, the vendors can see the management links, create and manage his/her CMS pages and Static Blocks.
Vendor created  CMS pages and Static Blocks will be listed in the grid on his/her Vendor Account panel. So, the Vendor has Additional features like preview, filtering, sorting, modify and delete the pages easily.

Note: Vendors CMS page will go for Admin approval and after approval, Vendor CMS page will be reflected on frontend.
Vendor CMS Addon provides additional functionality to each vendor to display his/her CMS Pages and set Static Blocks according to the Multi store or Multi website feature.

This addon also allows the Vendor's to create multiple additional links and pages such as Faq, Terms & Condition, Contact Us, Privacy Policy to show extra information which is under the control of the vendor.

Vendor CMS Addon also provides settings to the admin for checking the Vendor’s Created CMS pages Or Static Blocks. The Vendor CMS Addon menu will be shown in the admin panel under CsMarketplace >> Vendor CMS

1) Vendor CMS Admin Settings

  • Admin can see all the Vendor created CMS pages from his admin panel.
  • Admin can preview the Vendor created CMS Page content and can modify the content before approval.
  • Admin has the authority to first approve the Vendor CMS page before rendering it on frontend.
  • Mass Approval, Mass Disapproval, Mass Delete Feature provided to the Admin to control Vendor’s CMS pages.
  • Admin can filter the records according to the requirement of the grid.
  • Notification message also displays the incoming request if any for CMS approval.

1) Vendor Static Block Admin Settings

   Vendor CMS Addon Static Block admin Setting is available - CsMarketplace >> VendorCMS >> Manage Vendor Blocks.

  • Admin can see all the Vendor created Static Blocks from his admin panel.
  • Admin has the authority to approve the Vendor’s Static Blocks before they are rendered on frontend.
  • Admin can modify Vendor created Static Block content.
  • Mass Approval, Mass Disapproval, Mass Delete Feature is provided to the Admin to control the Vendor Static Blocks.
  • Admin can filter the records according to the requirement of the grid.
  • Notification message is also shown if any request comes for approval.

Vendor CMS addon Admin Global Configuration Setting

a) Enable Vendor CMS page System

Admin can Enable Or Disable the Vendor CMS Addon

b) Require Admin Vendor CMS/Static Block Approval

  • Yes: If Yes then Admin will have to Approve the CMS and Static Blocks.
  • No: If No then Vendor CMS and Static Blocks will be auto “Approved” without the permission of Admin.

Requirements CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

This addon doesn't works without the above extension.

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User Guide

These Documents will Explain Everything.....!!

  • vendor cms addon user manual.pdf



Review and Rating

Nice Addon

Good Extension and has enhanced my marketplace.Vendors gets to customize his shop and also beautify his shop look.I would recommend this extension to all the marketplace users.

by Daisy on 1/21/2016
Wonderful addon

This is an interesting and amazing addon for vendor. Design your shop pages as you like it, customise it by attaching images, add static blocks, cms pages to enhance the look and feel of your shop page and let your customers feel delighted when they visit your shop page.

The admin has full control over all the features used in this addon. He can manage the blocks, approve them, filter them to see a specific block, etc. Really nice features!!

by Christopher Andelis on 11/4/2015

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