Magento 2 Purchase Order System

  • Magento 2 Purchase Order System

It deals with the management of Customer Purchase request regarding a particular product. You can connect with the admin and be further customized your product cost.

Key features :

  • Allows Logged-in customer to send a purchase request to admin and get a custom price regarding it.

  • Customer Can Edit/View Purchase Order Quotation from his panel.

  • Customer Can Chat with admin regrading quotation details. Chat will be offline System.

  • Admin can approve/disapprove purchase order request.

  • On Approval Of Request customer get the invoice of purchase order.

  • Customer receives the email after approval of purchase order request.

  • Customer can then place order for the approved qty and price only after approval from admin side.

Compatibility: Magento 2.0, 2.1
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Purchase Order System by CedCommerce for Magento 2 facilitates customer to send the Purchase request of any product to admin. This extension also comes with a strong email notification system. Whenever the time Admin approved customer request, a mail is sent automatically to the agent reminding him about the request.

Admin Features

Easy to manage customer request and best way to provide a product

Easy to Manage Product Invoice and send it to customer

Email System On Approval of Purchase Order From admin Side

Customer also can accept/reject the offer proposed by admin

Negotiation System for Quantity and Price of Requested Product

Offline Chat System between Admin And Customer

User guide

Coming Soon...!!

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